19 March 2009

Picture This

Everyone did so well last week so let's go for round two of the game Picture This. It took me awhile to find a picture to use. I pixalated it a bit to make it more obscure, but I think this one is much easier than last week.

Rules: Look at the picture and let me know what you think it is by posting in the comments section with your guess. I will post the answer tonight around 8pm EST so don't forget to come back and see if you're right!

Happy Guessing! :)

If you want more Picture This fun, head over to Steph's blog and give a guess as to what her picture may be :)

Times up! It's a.... cupcake! Good job guys :) My mom made them for my nephew, Ben's, first birthday last March. I can't believe he'll be 2 on March 30th!

Don't they look yummy??


Anonymous said...

I'll play again! ;)

Looks like an iced cookie...yum!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a cupcake.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, it looks like a really good cupcake with AWESOME icing!

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