21 January 2009


You may have noticed that I've had a LOST countdown on the side of this blog for quite some time. Have you seen it lately? Take a look. We're down to hours, people.

I can not tell you just how excited I am to stare at this...
...for 3 hours tonight. THREE HOURS. The recap shows begins at 8pm followed by TWO new episodes from 9-11pm. You best believe that I will be discussing it tomorrow. If you want to join in the discussion (cause you know every single thing in the show must be analyzed and re-analyzed.... and then analyzed again) then stop by tomorrow. :)

DVR girls... the trick to beating the commercials is to start the show 15 minutes later for every hour that it's on. So tonight... start watching the DVR'd episodes at 8:45pm. You will then end the show exactly at 11pm with everyone else... but without all the commercials. Hehe :)


Toni said...

So excited! We DVR and watch without commercials, too!

Meg said...

I can't freaking WAIT!! I love Lost. We always DVR it but won't be able to start it until 11 tonight because we are huge Carolina fans and basketball before shows rule in our house. I hate that they are on the same night, but since I'm off tomorrow, I can stay up super late!

L said...

I cant wait either!!! DVR is set and ready to go!!

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT im so exited.

ps, you never told me about aveeno cooling menthol! i took your advice and bought it because, i dont know if you know or not, but i have horrible eczema in the winter, in the summer its a bit better. i get like nasty patches on my arm and stuff. well, basically, it's amazing. so thanks for the advice!

jenni from the blog said...

Bri- there's no way I didn't tell you about Aveeno. I'm a walking add. How did I not get to you yet after almost 8 years??

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