22 January 2009

LOST Recap

Spoiler warning... if you didn't see it yet, skip over this post :)

First and foremost, there were no Hot Pockets injured in the filming of this episode. ;)

So, what did everyone think??? I thought the episode(s) were so great. I did fall asleep for 4 minutes and had to get out of my comfy bed, turn off the space heater, and then sit up in my bed so I didn't fall back asleep. I then rewound the DVR and watched it again. Believe me, I didn't fall asleep b/c it was boring... just b/c I couldn't keep my eyes open. What kind of a loser can't stay up until 11pm?

Anyway... here are my thoughts/questions/flashbacks. Since I think it's easier to understand things in lists (at least for me!)... here's mine:
  • The lady at the end of the episode (Mrs. Hawkings) is the person that sold Desmond the e-ring for Penny. She's also the one that told him about her ability to predict death. She encouraged Des to sail around the world (knowing that he'd find the island.)
  • Des had the same ability once he was exposed to the magnetic light of the island when he blew up the hatch. Does that mean Mrs. Hawkings had the same exposure?
  • I think that Mrs. Hawkings is Danial Faraday's mother.
  • Because the Dr. Candle orientation films were filmed in the 70's... Daniel clearly has mastered time travel. It was revealed that he was there building "The Orchid" station that allows the island to move.
  • Does Daniel cause "the incident" that originally moves the island and the reason why Desmond must enter the numbers in the computer every 108 minutes?
  • Daniel uses Sawyer and Juliet to show him where the Hatch is. He then makes them go back to the beach so that he can talk to Desmond.
  • Daniel tells Sawyer that he can't talk to Desmond, nor change anything from the past. Yet Daniel can talk to him. I think that's because Desmond is Daniel's "constant."
  • I don't think Jin is dead. I don't know where he is, though... as the freighter was not in the bubble when the island moved. We know this b/c Juliet and Sawyer could no longer see it burning in the distance.
  • Why did all of the Oceanic/Scientist people stay together every time the island moved, yet Locke was with "the others" and he ends up by himself every time the island moves. Why don't "the others" move with the island?
  • Richard (who never gets older no matter when he appears) gives Locke the same compass that he gave to him when he was little.
  • Why did Sayid tell Hurley to "do the opposite" of what Ben says... when Ana Lucia tells him "do not get arrested and get back on the island"?
  • Hurley's dad was watching "Expose" on TV. Nikki and Paulo coned the creator of that show for his money and diamonds. (One of my favorite episodes... the one with the spiders that paralyze. Nikki and Paulo were buried alive by the survivors. Remember?)
  • Who's the woman in the butcher shop?
  • Who is Dr. Candle's baby? (I originally thought it was Sun in bed in the beginning of the episode. Clearly I was wrong, but it does look an awful lot like her. Perhaps her mom?)
  • Locke isn't dead.
  • Why do the lawyers' want Aaron? Who do they represent?
  • What happens if Ben can not get the Oceanic 6 back on the islnad within the 70 hour time frame that Mrs. Hawkings give him at the end of the show? Does the island move for good... never to be found again?

Okay... I think that's enough for now... though I know there's so much more that happened. Anyone pick up on any other connections or things that I missed???


Toni said...

You're good! I have to go on the message boards to come up with this stuff :)

jenni from the blog said...

After 5 years, I've learned to remember stuff ;)

L said...

I think the lawyers represent the old guy that pulled Sun in that room at the airport.

jenni from the blog said...

Linds- Widmore. I agree!

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