29 January 2009

LOST Recap

Thoughts/questions about last night's episode ("Jughead"):
  • Daniel thought Ellie looked familiar.
  • "Ellie" is a nickname for Eloise, which was Daniel's lab rats name (the one from his research that would time travel.)
  • Ms. Hawkings' first name is also Eloise. Which continues to play towards her being Daniel's mother.
  • Widmore was on the island in 1954 at the same time as Daniel's mother.
  • Widmore funded Daniel's research.
  • I think Widmore is Daniel's father....(making him Penny's brother.)
  • The woman in a coma is Daniel's wife or girlfriend (the one from the picture that Des saw in Daniel's office.)
  • Richard doesn't believe that Locke is his leader. Locke tells him to come visit him when he's born and he gives him his birthday. We already know that Richard was there when Locke was born and again when Locke was 6 or 7 years old. Now we know why.
  • Where the "camp" was set up in last night's episode appears to be the same place where the barracks are set up in real (present) time.
  • Desmond and Penny have a son named Charlie. Clearly, he is named after Charlie from the island, because he brought Des and Penny back together and saved Desmond's life.
  • Charlie's grandfather is Charles Widmore. Ironically, they also share a name (b/c he was trying to keep Des and Penny apart.)
  • What happened to the bomb? Did Ellie tell Richard to bury it and surround it in concrete? Is that what The Swan station is for (and perhaps the reason they have to put the numbers into the computer??)
  • Have certain people (besides Richard) mastered time travel? For example, Christian Shepherd, who we know to be dead, but continues to appear of the island (just like Locke is "dead" now.)
  • Was Charles Widmore on the island the same time as Ben? Perhaps Ben won out as the leader of the others and Widmore was exiled?? It may explain why Widmore is trying to get back to the island and his outright hatred for Ben.

Okay, that's all I can think of. Anyone else have anything else they want to add? Thoughts?


The Blonde said...

aaaahhh the whole "ellie" "eloise" thing makes sense now, thanks!!

Em said...

We also think that Charles Widmore is Faraday's father. And Ms. Hawkings is Ellie aka Eloise aka, the girl in last nights episode.
I also just figured that Charlie was named after grandpa Charles, but you might be onto something there.

We also came to the same conclusions on the rest of it. Interesting stuff, eh?? It's getting good!!!!

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