29 January 2009


Oh, how I love thee.

Carter has been in need of a new baby bathtub for awhile now. He grew out of his infant tub in about 2 weeks (I am not lying.) Since then, we've been using a reclined bath seat and putting him in our regular tub. The seat slides around too much, but we didn't get around to buying a new baby tub until last weekend.

After hearing great reviews, we went to BRU with every intention of buying the EuroBath. Every single one of them were right. It's wonderful. Not only does it hold Carter up and out of the water, he seems comfy and enjoys bathtime a lot more. When he outgrows the reclined seat, we can turn the tub around so he can sit-up. If you're still anti-EuroBath, just check out some of the reviews on BRU. After 243 reviews, it still has 5 stars. Me thinks that many people can't be wrong :)

Disclaimer: No, I do not work for EuroBath ;)

Carter and Mr. Ducky do not want their stuff all over the interwebs.

And I just had to share this picture of my monkey :)


Trinity said...

Mr. Ducky thanks you for censoring him.

Anonymous said...

i miss carter:(

Anonymous said...

LOL. Love the censor. :)

Anonymous said...

in the first pic, i thought it said pimp at the top of the tub. i was like whoa on a kiddy bath? that is raunch. turns out i can't read.

Anonymous said...

I just bought Mia the same one! Its very roomy love it

C Moorhouse said...

Cute pics!

L said...

Lol I have the Euro bath too! I got the clean water infant tub and as soon as her butt sits up shes going in her Euro tub. He looks cute :)

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