03 December 2008


So last night I had to stay late and "work" till 11pm. Now I say "work" because I went to the Flyers game for a student event. :)

First, I have to mention that I got to wear my new Flyers shirt!Cool name, right? ;)

The game was great. It was 3-2 until the last 5 minutes of the 3rd period when Tampa Bay scored 2 more goals to tie it up. Booooo. With 30 seconds left, the ref decided to give TB a penalty shot, but luckily our awesome goalie saved it! Whew. Anyway, the Flyers ended up winning in OT. I was wearing the right shirt for the game too because Jeff Carter scored 2 goals last night. He now leads the NHL in most goals scored so far this season.

But, I have to admit... the best part of the game was this:

Oh, wait. It was definitely this:


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun mommy's night out!!

Mindy said...

It was a great game, we were watching last night on TV! I thought of you when Carter scored the two goals, I told my husband how you and your H got each other the Carter jersey for your anniversary. Those crab fries look amazing, btw!!:)

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