01 December 2008

Little Turkey

We were lucky enough to have two Thanksgiving dinners this year. First, we headed to Bob's parents house around noon for some rotisserie turkey. It. was. delicious.

"I'm ready to go mom!"
"Oh, more pictures first?"
"I love mom mom, but is it dinner time yet?""Fine, I'll just eat the turkey on my bib."Next, we headed to my parents house for round II.

How beautiful does my mom's dinning room look all set for dinner?? It's perfect.
Ben's ready to eat! My mom even set up his highchair with the same table setting :)
"All this turkey is starting to make me sleepy."
Carter, laughing away at his GG.Handsome little turkey, isn't he?
"Why do these people insist on making me look stupid?"Finally home and wearing mommy's favorite number! (9)


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of him laughing!!

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