10 December 2008

A Shopping Tail

My sister, Kacy, and I trekked out to the mall earlier this week for a few Christmas gifts. Now, for a Monday night, the mall was packed and, as we got off the exit, we took our first glance over at the parking lot. Yikes.

I immediately went into "holiday eagle eye parking mode" and began looking for a spot. I took a chance at the very first row hoping we would catch someone leaving. As I drove slowly past a parked Lexus, I saw it's yellow lights flash. "Is this guy comin or goin, Kac?" I asked. She spotted the guy first and said "He's goin...move, move, back up, put your blinker on!!" Look what we got?
Now, we should have known that our shopping trip would have been a success right from the start. I mean, we were next to the handicap parking spot... it doesn't get much better then that.
We headed through Macy's and bee lined it right to Coach. We hit the jackpot. Big time.

Kacy and I got a gift for our mom and I got the most beautiful purse I have ever seen (for myself...from Bobby, of course... ya know... for Christmas.) We happily used the 25% off coupon we got from Kerri and saved over $200. Wowzers.

We left our beautiful purchases at Coach while we continued to shop. Kacy was trying a few things on because she has a ton of Christmas parties to go to for work and such. I just waited and opinionated :)

After Kac picked out a few things, we continued to the GAP so that I could return a pair of pants. As we walked by Santa we saw the cutest. thing. ever- therapy dogs!

{Tail. Get it?}

Once we pet/hugged/talked to all of the dogs, we finally made our way to the GAP. I returned my pants and exchanged them for a pair of khaki's (for $15.99!) and 2 sweaters. {What? When everything is on sale,it's hard not to buy for yourself!} In all actuality, I was able to cross off several people from my shopping list. Oh, and I'm not allowed to use this beauty until Christmas day. Ain't she purty?

This may have been our most successful trip to the mall yet. And, since we will never again leave the mall with, not one, but TWO, Coach bags- a picture was in order.
{That's Kacy.}


Trinity said...

glad you had such a successful trip! and i <3 that dogs from my shelter were there. :D

Anonymous said...

Isn't Christmas shopping the best?!?!

Mindy said...

I love your Christmas present from Bobby! ;)

Olivia's Mommy said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am glad I could help save moula!!! And siked for your Coach purses!

danielle said...

You guys are too funny.. maybe you should create a blog on how to save money at the mall... I could use the advice. I never get such great deals.

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