10 December 2008

The First Supper

Did it go well? Not so much.

At first, he did think it was interesting.
...and he was willing to "give peas a chance" ;)
Nope... nevermind.
I actually think he may have said "help" here...
Ahhh, Mr. Hippo is much better.

We also put together Carter's "big boy" high chair last night!
Thanks Aunt Kacy and Uncle Ryan!


Anonymous said...

The poor baby! no more peas!!! the picture of him not liking it at all is adorable, but really sad to look at too! I say "pass the peaches mom!"

~Mrs. JMS~ said...

How stinkin cute! He is such a big boy! He will love peas in no time!

staci said...

peas are one of the yuckiest. Even my food lover doesn't love peas. Try squash or sweet potatoes instead. They're a little sweeter. I can't believe how big Carter's getting!

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