09 December 2008


Carter had his 4 month appt yesterday... and it was only 3 weeks late. (Our doctor's office was completely booked for well visits weeks in advance...grrr.) Anyway, we have a healthy little man, which is all we wanted to hear. We got the go ahead to start fruits and veggies, so we'll be starting with those for dinner tonight (no worries, I'll take pics. :) His reflux is still a concern, so he will remain on the Zantac 3x a day along with thickened feeds and we'll keep an eye... er, an ear... on his coughing after eating (it's reflux related.)

He also got his 4mth shots at the appt. He was so good the entire time (we were there for over an hour!) and even after his shots, he only cried for a minute. Such a tough little guy.

Which brings me back to the title of this post: Carter's stats.

Age: 20 weeks (4mths 3wks)
Weight: 20.6lbs
Height: 27in (even)

My man is in the 97% for both weight and height. Such a big boy! The doctor kept saying how big he was (even his hands and feet are huge!) but she said he's very proportioned. I am so in love my chunky monkey.


Molly said...

Wow, those are some good stats. Yay for chunky monkeys!

Mary said...

wow - big boy! Michael was also 27 inches, but only about 17 lbs (80th percentile). Yay for strong healthy boys!

courtina said...

I am dying here b/c Lily is 15 months and just hit 20 lbs!

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