07 October 2008


That's right... plural. As in 2 of them. Already.

Carter has been getting fussy, refusing to nap, using his hands as chew toys, drooling like a champ, and has had a slight fever for the past few days. Then I noticed 2 teeth coming in at the bottom center of his mouth. I thought I was going crazy. I mean, he's only 2 1/2 months old. Then my mom confirmed my suspicions (or craziness, if you will.) Carter, in fact, is teething.

The only plus side to having a baby that refuses to nap all day, is having a baby that is sleeping 12 hours at night. Oh, except for last night when he decided he wanted to party between the hours of 1-3am. He was talking and laughing. Cute, but not fun for mommy.

I need a direct IV to the coffee pot today or I'm not going to make it through work.


danielle said...

You're too funny! Isn't teething fun? I can't believe Carter has two teeth already... he's so advanced ;)

Yes, I love her templates and I'm always looking for new ones..I got tired of ones I've been using..so thanks to you, I have a new temp.

Talk to you soon

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