20 January 2014

38 Weeks!

38w4d today and I really can't believe that I will have this baby girl exactly one week from today!  EEEKKK!!!  Here's a picture my sister took of me on Saturday at my little surprise sprinkle that my family had for me {so sweet!}

I was in complete shock over this, by the way.  I mean, let's be real... it's my 4th baby.  Yet, they still wanted to celebrate her as if she were my first.  I've said this before, but we really didn't buy much at all for this baby girl and a lot of the things we're using for her we got when we had Carter.  And while it's nice that we've got our money's worth out of some of those baby necessities, it is so lovely having some NEW things as well!!  We got a new Boppy, Rock-N-Play, diaper bag, UGG slippers {for me!} blankets, clothes, towels... just so many wonderful things.  And diapers.  Oh, the diapers.  Thank you, thank you to my wonderful family!  This baby girl is so lucky to be coming in to a family like ours, that's for sure. I love you all!

Here are a few appointment updates from Friday morning:
  • Baby IV almost failed her BPP ultrasound for lack of movement.  She usually passes that part of the test the first 10 seconds of every ultrasound.  But she just. wouldn't. move.  Homegirl was sleeping.  I hope she sleeps like that on the outside too.
  • When my OB laughed at my belly measurement for a second week in a row, I had to ask.  7 weeks.  I'm measuring 7 weeks ahead.  NBD.
  • My BP was elevated and I now officially have Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) / Gestational Hypertension (GHTN). I had pre-eclampsia with both Carter and Brynn, so this is not unexpected.  However, I was always fine with Reid, so I thought I'd luck out this time too.  And, I guess I did in some regard, since it's developing so late in my pregnancy.
  • After an internal my OB said I was "a good 6cm, but she didn't know if she could call me a 7 yet" to which I immediately replied "Don't.  Don't call me a 7."  I just can't handle that.
  • I got my induction orders.  I am to report to the hospital at 6am on January 27th.  Because I am GBS+, 6+cm dilated and have short labors they plan to start my antibiotics immediately, wait 2 hours to start the pitocin and then wait another hour before breaking my water.  My OB just wants to make sure that I get all of the antibiotics required to treat the GBS before actually delivering the baby. She ended the appointment by saying "you'll have a baby by lunch."
Yeah, so that's that.  One more week!

Pregnancy: 38 weeks  

Days until 1.27.14 induction:  7 days

Weight Gain: 35 pounds

Sleep: I was just thinking to myself how good I've slept this week.  And then the last two nights I was up all night trying not to puke up stomach acid.  Lovely, right?  Done.  So done.
Gender: It's a GIRL!  {Check out the reveal post.}

Name: Emerson Mae {Check out my original name post here and the reveal post here.}

Feeling: Ready! 

Health: BP is on the rise now and I can feel my swelling getting worse and worse.  Just trying to make it to the 27th at this point.

Movement: It's so painful.

Belly: Measuring 7 weeks ahead. My biggest belly yet.

For reference, here are my side-by-side weekly belly pics with Reid and my first 20 weeks with Emmie Mae. 

LAST Appointment: OB and Biophysical Profile Ultrasound: Friday, January 24th at 39w1d.


Megan said...

So close! I can relate to how you feel! I measured 7 weeks ahead with my second. I ended up delivering 9lb8oz baby girl at 38w due to my PIH turning into pre-e. You can do you, your almost there! And I love the belly!

Tara said...

I am SO excited for you!! I wish we were real life friends and i could photograph EVERYTHING and it would seem a little more legit for how excited I am feeling! :)

the naptown organizer said...

I hope these last days go so smoothly for you! You look wonderful!

Jessica said...

Can't wait for next Wednesday to see her and your FOUR together! Hope you enjoy your last week of pregnancy. Best wishes.

Jessica said...

I mean next Monday! Even better!

Amy said...

Enjoy your last week of pregnancy! You look awesome! Can't wait to see pics of little (big) Emerson!

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