06 January 2014

36 Weeks!

Happy New Year! 

Let me just say that I am SO EXCITED that it's 2014.  And I'm still pregnant.  2013 was such a difficult year for me and my family for obvious reasons (i.e. going through all the "firsts" without my dad being the #1 thing) and I just did not want to have a baby that year.  Call me crazy {go ahead, you can!} but I'm just excited to make it to 2014.

Andplusalso?  We were married in 2006 and our other kids are 2008, 2010 and 2012, so... 2014 just makes much more sense.  #obviously

No, really... you can call me crazy again.

So 36 weeks, huh?  I'll actually be 37 weeks in just a few days.  And there's so much going on now too; I really don't even know where to start.

How about a picture or two?

35 weeks on Christmas Eve:

36 weeks on New Year's Eve at a wedding in Ocean City, NJ:

Let me just tell you... finding a dress to fit THAT belly was not an easy task.

So here are a few key updates:
  • I had my first internal and GBS test at my 35 weeks appt.  I was 3-4cm dilated and 80% effaced.  Woo hoo!  Here we go with the early dilation again! {Reminder: I was 6cm dilated for weeks with Brynn and 5cm dilated for weeks with Reid so this is not new.}
  • At this appointment, I also took the 3 hour glucose test because my doc at MFM was all "OMGABIGBABY." It was awful and I can't wait to see her tomorrow at my growth ultrasound so I can say "I PASSED THAT SHIT!" For some reason she just doesn't want to believe that some people actually just have big babies.  I do not, nor have I ever, had gestational diabetes.  #takethatMFM
  • I had my 36 week appointment this past Friday and I'm now 5cm dilated and still 80% effaced.  WOOT.  #kidding 
  • I also got the results of my GBS test and I'm positive.  AGAIN.  I can't catch a break.  I obviously know that GBS is NBD {I had it with Carter and Reid but did not have it with Brynn.}  It's just another thing to kinda worry about with being so dilated. {If I go into labor on my own? Forget about it.}  I'm sure I'll make it to my 39 week induction with no problem {just like I always do!} but, it does delay the induction process because my OB won't even start Pitocin until AFTER I receive all of the antibiotics {which takes a good 3-4 hours.}  That's because my labors tend to go really fast and she just wants to make sure I'm good to go before we even start. I mean, I get it.  But it doesn't mean I have to like it.
My next OB appt is actually with MY doctor, so I'm excited to hash out a plan with her.  As of right now, my induction will either be January 24th or January 27th.  She's trying to get her  hospital schedule changed back to the 24th, so we'll see how that goes!  I'm crossing all my crossables, that's for sure.

As for me, I'm just starting to come out of denial that a baby is actually coming soon.  Like a real baby.  That I have to take care of. 

This past weekend we started clearing space to put her stuff and also ordered some new things for her {umm, like pajamas and onesies and a blanket.} I still need a few more things and I'm getting the carseat from my sister {ours expired in July so I'm borrowing Aubrey's Britax Be-Safe!}  I also need to pack my hospital bag and figure out where the heck my kids are staying {which really depends on WHEN I'm being induced because Carter has school during the week}  So yeah... we're getting there.

Pregnancy: 36 weeks  

Weight Gain: 32 pounds

Sleep: I'd sleep great if I wasn't puking up stomach acid.  Sounds lovely, right?
Gender: It's a GIRL!  {Check out the reveal post.}

Name: Emerson Mae {Check out my original name post here and the reveal post here.}

Feeling: Done. 

Health: Everything looks good, so that's really all I can ask for!

Movement: Homegirl be cray.

Belly: Measuring 6 weeks ahead, woo hoo!
For reference, here are my side-by-side weekly belly pics with Reid and my first 20 weeks with Emmie Mae. 

Next Appointment: MFM Growth & Biophysical Profile Ultrasound: Tuesday, January 7th - OB Appointment: Friday, January 10th at 37w1d.


Shan said...

Bring on the baby!! So excited to see her precious face!

Jenn said...

you look adorable!! can't wait to see the baby pics! you're so close! ~Jenn


Jeannie said...

You crack me up :) Lookin' great mama!!

Unknown said...

Good luck, momma!!!! I can't wait to see her!!!!

Unknown said...

You're so close and so adorable! You're all belly, I love it! Can't wait to see her :)

Tara said...

I am totes Jel that you are 5 cm dilated and 80% effaced!! Do you know I had a 23 hour labor! blah!! LOL. My next goal... walk that dang baby out!! I am not going in to the hospital until I am crowning... :)

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