09 September 2013

First Day of School!

There is so much I need to blog about... I've totally missed my last 3 pregnancy updates, I need to tell you all about my anatomy scan ultrasound {and the follow-up appointment} and I definetly need to talk about the fact that we had the birthday twins 1st birthday party this past Saturday and they will be ONE tomorrow!  AHHHHHH!

But what I really need to talk about with you today?  The fact that my 1st born baby went to kindergarten last week.  Sigh.  I just can't believe it.  I mean, HOW in the world is Carter old enough to be in kindergarten!?!

Here is one {of the million. ahem.} pictures I took before he headed off to school on the very first day...

He did so well though.  Bob and I drove him to school {more on that below} and he hugged us, gave us a kiss, and walked right in the front door without even looking back.  He was over the moon excited about going, so I knew we wouldn't have a stage-five clinger situation or anything.  But to not even look back at your mama on your first day!?! That boy!  It's okay though, I'm glad he was so excited that he didn't care about leaving us. 

One of the things Carter was most excited about in regards to school, was riding on the bus.  We headed to the bus orientation a week before school started, and they let the kids practice their seat belts and take a little 10 minute bus ride around town just to get used to it.

Clearly Carter wasn't excited AT ALL about it. ;)
So, when it came to the day before school starting and we had yet to get his bus assignment {a few friends hadn't received theirs yet either, so I knew there was a delay with the whole process} I decided to call the school.  Turns out, after 3 different phone calls to both the school and the transportation department, that they "forgot to assign Carter a bus."  True story. They told me they'd call me back before the end of the business day to give him a bus assignment, but, of course, that didn't happen.  {I wasn't holding my breath anyway... I already had made plans to drive him to school the next day: which was the first day of school.}  I explained to Carter that mommy and daddy were way too excited and wanted to drive him to school on the first day, and he was completely fine with not taking the bus that day. Whew!

After dropping Carter off at school, I made several phone calls again.  Finally, just as his first school day ended, we got him a bus assignment, a bus stop and pick-up times. I picked him up from school on his first day and told him he'd be taking the bus the very next day.  He was so happy!

So, on day 2 of school, we waited for the bus.  And we waited.  And waited some more.  
After 35 minutes of waiting {with about 15 minutes until school started} we gave up.  The bus never showed up to pick up our Carter Man.  Poor kid!  I felt terrible for him and I was, of course, so upset with the transportation people.  We drove him to school again and then I called right away to find out what happened.  Of course they blamed it on "technical problems with the bus causing it to be late to each stop" but I quickly responded that we stood out there for 35 minutes so I know we didn't miss it!  UGH.  They assured me that he could take the bus home and things would be fine, but this mama bear was so worried!  It would be his first time on the bus and what if it didn't stop at our house at all!?!  What if Carter got off on the wrong stop!?!  You don't even want to know where my mind went with these scenarios.

Thankfully, I got an email from Carter's wonderful teacher, who had been helping me get everything straightened out with the bus situation.  She said that she would personally walk Carter to his bus that afternoon and talk to the bus driver, telling her that he was new to the route and give the driver our address.  So, on the second day of school, Carter got to ride the bus home.  He was so excited and I was so thankful that he arrived safely.  {WOO HOO for awesome teachers!!!} The driver mentioned that she didn't have him on her roster at all {which is what I figured happened... the transportation department assigned him a bus, but never alerted the driver. Awesome.}but that she'd be sure to pick him up the next morning.

And then, lo and behold, on the 3rd day, Carter finally got to ride the bus to school...

My little man. Getting on the school bus. :::tear:::

Things have been going well since then.  We've had no problems with anything {except what my picky little eater will take to lunch everyday, of course!}  He absoultely loves his teacher and loves school in general.  When I asked him what his favorite part of the day was: recess, lunch or gym- he replied "being in the classroom!" 

That's my boy. :)

Actually, that's not my boy... I totally loved gym class the most! Who is this kid!?! ;)


Jennifer @ Also Known As...the Wife said...

So glad to hear Carter took the bus nonsense in stride and that he's enjoying school.

Suzanne at Bebehblog had the same issues with her son's bus. They waited and waited and waited for two or three days in a row and the bus never showed up. I think the district gave her the same song and dance...a new route/malfunctions/yada yada ya.

Unknown said...

I can't believe the whole bus ordeal. Poor guy!!! Ben has the same backpack!!!

I hope that Carter had a great time at school. I have another hour and a half until I hear from Ben on how his day went!

Sara said...

Wow! How crazy the disorganized transportation department! Glad the teacher got it worked out and that he is enjoying it. My sweet girl started kindergarten this year as well. She was so excited about the bus that she wouldn't let me take her to school. This momma was disappointed. She loves school though. She leaves and comes home so excited every day.

Christy said...

Kids grow up so fast! I whisper to mine "just stay little" all the time but it's not working.

Kristen said...

So glad he seemed to be so easy going about all of it!

And you are so right, he totally looks older than a kindergartner

Unknown said...

sorry about the bus incident, but man does he look cute (and big!) getting on (finally!). Have a great year at school Carter! ~Jenn


Bryn said...

Ok I am not sure why but I am crying seeing him get on the bus... perhaps cause I picture my little guy doing that one day and I will bawl my eyes out... either way, nice job, Carter! Such a big dude!!

sarah said...

Glad to see seat belts on the bus!!

Sunshine and Spoons said...

We've had terrible luck with the bus this year too. It's my kindergartner's first time riding them and she's terrified. According to the info we were given, she was going to be one of the first to be picked up on her route so we prepped her on picking a seat up front by the driver and told her how much fun it would be. First morning of school and we waited almost an hour for that bus. When I called the bus shed, I was told that they forgot to tell us that they changed the route. She was now getting picked up 45 minutes later and would be the last one getting on. Which is kind of nice except that trying to get my terrified little 5 year old on a bus full of big kids who are staring at her and won't move over to make room for her is traumatizing for both of us. And apparently, her bus driver thinks that his only job is to actually drive the bus, not make sure the kids are sitting, behaving, or making room for others to sit. Awesome.

Tabitha Blue said...

Wow, what a week... for all of you!!! Hope you both are getting better adjusted now for this week, and hope it just keeps getting better and better! They grow up too quickly :)



Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

So cute! And when did they get seatbelts on school buses?! That's fantastic. Glad he got to ride it on day 3!

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