19 March 2013

Reid is 6 months!

Oh, you sweet boy, you.
You have done so much since I last updated 2 months ago.  You have grown into the sweetest boy and you get cuter and cuter by the day.

We had your 6 month check up last week and you're still mama's chubby boy {it's just more for us to love, bud!}

Weight: 22.5lbs | 99%
Height: 27in | 75%
Head: 18in | 95%

Short, fat and bald.  Still.  And I love it! 

Everyone asks me if you're my biggest baby, to which I immediately reply "No way, Carter was HUGE!" But you're actually a lot closer to Carter's size than I thought!  Carter was still a bigger baby, but mostly due to his height, not so much his weight {compared to yours.} Here were Carter's 6 month stats: {Also? Thank gawd for my blog because I literally had no idea. Mom of the Year right here.}

Weight: 22 lbs 6 oz  | 100%
Height: 28 1/2 in | 100%
Head: 46 cm | 95%

So your height and head size are basically the same, but Carter was an entire inch & a half taller than you! I guess that's why you appear to be fatter bigger, sweet boy ;)

I then, of course, had to look up Brynnie, and guess what? You're bigger than her! But not by much. Here were Brynn's 6 month stats:

Weight: 21lbs 12oz | 97%
Height: 27in | 95%
Head: 45cm | 97%

Okay, back to YOU my sweet boy. Some other random stats: you're wearing size 4 diapers and 12 month clothing, although they're getting a little tight, if I'm being honest. ;)

At your appointment on Friday, you were totally flirting with the doctor the entire time and you were a huge fan of the tissue paper on the table...
 Reid wuz here.  Not exactly the best way to get your fiber though. Ahem. {And do you see the drool spots?}

You've had so many milestones these past 2 months.  Let's see...

You're eating food.  This is probably your favorite milestone ever considering that you've been staring us down at every meal for awhile now. So far, you have yet to find a fruit or veggie that you don't like!

This is your very first time eating...
See. You loved it immediately. 

You're sitting up.  This is probably mommy's favorite milestone thus far.  I love the short time between sitting up and crawling. It's my favorite stage!
And you have your Poppy's eyes, my sweet boy.  I see it all the time and it makes my heart smile. You have his eyes and his name, Reid Joseph... you're a lucky boy.

You also moved up to your convertible car seat.  You love it!  Now you can easily laugh at your brother and sister in the car and you have a great time looking out the window.

You're also holding your own bottle.  It's like you don't even need me anymore.
Real men totally use pink Rock-n-Plays. Just an FYI. {Thanks Aubs!}

We've also started to transition you into your crib.  It's going well for naps and we hope that we can start putting you in it at night by this weekend.  Since you're slowly {ahem, quickly} inching your way to your RNP weight limit, you need to move it on up there to the crib, buddy.
Mommy and Daddy spent a few hours reconnecting all the monitors to keep you safe. Now let's hope your first overnight trial run goes well! {Ha! Yeah, right. Send mama coffee.}

Also? I'm really going to miss sleeping right next to you. I'm sad just thinking about it.

Your most favorite thing to do is jump.  Jumpity jump.  Jump all day long.

Even when we're just holding you, you are constantly jumping!  Here you are showing Aubrey the ropes...

Let's see... you also celebrated two holidays these past two months... Valentine's Day & St. Patrick's Day {or just "patricks day" as Carter likes to call it}...
Handsome boy!

You adore your brother and sister.  And they completely adore you right back.   You just sit there and laugh at them... it doesn't matter what they're doing, you think it's the funniest thing you've ever seen. And they just love to take care of you!  They always want to give you hugs, hold your bottle and make sure you have a toy in your hand at all times.

Aubrey is your best friend.  You guys just love to stare at each other and we are so excited to watch the beautiful birthday twins grow up together!
I mean, the hand holding? SO CUTE!

I'll tell you what else you really love...  playing with your daddy...
... and cuddling with your mama...

And we love you right back, sweet boy!

Okay Reid Joseph, let's see how much you've grown!
Reid 6m
Reid 5m
Reid 4 Months
Reid 3 Months

So big! Can't wait to see what this next month brings... but not too fast now, okay?


Unknown said...

I can not wait to bite him on Sunday!

Unknown said...

He is the cutest!!!

Victoria - WTPP said...

I love the photo's showing him changing at the end. Chubby babies are so adorable..Rio's only 19lb at 11 months.. He seems to grow up not out :(


erica said...

Happy 6th Months to your sweet one!!! We have that same jungle themed bouncy once used by our now 3 year old and to be used for her baby brother, we love it too! <3 Have a great week!

Lisa said...

Holy cuteness, I cannot handle it!! Absolutely adorable :)

Joanna said...

Oh my gosh he's so cute. Chubby babies are the absolute best!!!

Bunkin Mama said...

Happy half year! He is so adorable!

Why is it that they love the crinkly paper on the doctor's table? M tears it up too. Of course she tries to eat it.

The girls said...

Wow, six months already! My girl didn't hit that weight until she was over 2! Incredible.

Unknown said...

i just love this letter. its so sweet. it's amazing how quickly they grow and develop!! He is too cute! love that smile!

Unknown said...

Reid is so adorable!!

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