11 March 2013

Medifast Update


Just checking in with you on my Medifast progress.

The truth is, I waited until the very last minute to order more food and then there happened to be a random mix up with my order, so I basically had no Medifast food to eat for over a week!  Sigh.

But I'm happy to report that I did the best that I could with eating right while off plan.  I was simply trying to maintain my weight while I awaited my new food order, but I actually ended up LOSING .2 pounds!  Not a lot of weight, but I'm still happy with myself :)

So I'm fully back on plan now and I look forward to updating you on my normal progress again next Monday.

How is your weight loss progress going this week? 


Momma Morris said...

I forget how I found your blog, but get excited about your updates. I too, recently had another child (Nov '12) and notice how harder it is to lose the second time around. I'm down 8 lbs so far and still working towards my goal of 25! Keep up the great work. I enjoy the updates! My double stroller arrives this week so maybe I'll be able to get in some extra exercise.

~C~ said...

I'm down 14.2 lbs since Jan. 2, really just using MyFitnessPal and exercising. My goal is to get and stay in the range of a 20-24 pound loss so I'm over halfway! Good job on not gaining...I call that a win!

Unknown said...

what a bummer!

I lost 4.6 pounds this week after last week's sad 1 pound gain by drinking a literal metric buttload of water. It really works and has zero to do with what you are eating.

here's my post!

Unknown said...

thanks for the kind words! took me a few minutes to figure out fx!! :)

i have a contigo bottle that holds 25 ounces and i track bottles on my medifast application. i know some people prefer MFP but i like the my cupboard feature because i always forget about the 3 boxes i stashed away in a cabinet. it's also very easy to track your water with the app. i'm still going for 5 of those bottles a day but sometimes (like if i'm in a meeting where guzzling water isn't OK) i do have less. that happened on friday.

put your food on automatic! i change my order like 50 times a month but i have it on automatic so i don't forget. because i would. because my head isn't actually attached to my body.

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