26 February 2013

WW: Lazy Weekend

Not much time to post tonight, so I'll just share a few of my favorite pics from this weekend, in which we did absolutely nothing.  And it was awesome.

Brotherly love at it's finest.  They adore each other and I LOVE it.

 And then there's this girl.

Brynn and Carter waiting for daddy to get home with Dunkin Donuts...

Reid's been having a rough time lately {his bottom two front teeth are just about ready to pop through} and he slept like this for an hour and a half on Saturday while I watched a movie.  It was LOVELY.

Oh, there he is.  How handsome is he?


Happy Wednesday!
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Tammi @ My Organized Chaos said...

That looks like an awesome weekend!!

Madonna said...

Alec got his two bottom teeth within two days of turning four months. It explained his week of off and on crankiness. Here's hoping Reid is back to himself soon!

Unknown said...

adorable photos! love the first collage and the one of them looking out the window! too cute!

Unknown said...

That baby face is killing me! Adorable!

Molly said...

Your little is so cute, I love the laughing face at the end. Perfect


Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh my goodness they are so adorable- love those smiles.

OrangeHeroMama said...

Oh the cuteness!!!
and those pjs??? seriously adorable!!


Heloise said...

That daddy snuggle picture at the bottom is PRICELESS!

Anonymous said...


I remember from your past posts about shirts that you had made for your kids bdays. Who did you go through? Or did you make them? Tried looking at past posts but couldn't find them. Thanks :)

Unknown said...

Your sons are adorable! Thank you for the party.

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