25 February 2013

Take if off Monday: Week 7


I'm just going to come out and say it...


Now, I usually don't count the decimals.  But I'm thinking I might have to start, because every decimal is really hard to earn this go 'round. Like I mentioned last week, it's hard work to even lose a pound a week this time.  I just don't know what it is.  Well, I kinda know what it is, but I'm not sure what can be done about it, I guess.

But I'll just keep truckin' along.

No exercise this past week.  My plan was the 30 Day Shred on my lunch break but work was so busy that I didn't even get a lunch break at ALL.  It was lovely.  I was suppose to start today, but I totally forgot.  Oops.  I hate exercising. {Hey, at least I'm honest.. but I guess who really loves it, right?}

Oh hey, I reached my first goal.  {Mani/pedi HERE I COME!}

So, how is everyone else doing on their diet plans this week?  I'd love to hear from you and/or have you share a link to your most recent post!
Week 7 Summary

Weight loss this week: -1.8 pounds

Weight loss to date: -10.8 pounds

Weight left to lose: 19.2 pounds
First Goal: 10 pounds
  • Reward: Mani/Pedi {Reached: 2.21.13}
Second Goal: 20 pounds
  • Reward: Massage
Final Goal: 30 pounds
  • Reward: Head-to-Toe new outfit!
Success: Hey, I actually LOST this week.  SUCCESS.

Set-Backs: I did really well this week and EARNED those 1.8 pounds. For real.
Exercise: 30DS on my lunch break. Yep, I must do it.

If you'd like to join me on this weight loss journey, use my shopping code JENNI56 for 56 free meals with your order of $250 when you enroll in Medifast Advantage.  Not ready to enroll?  Use the code JENNI50 to get $50 off an order of $275.

Check out some of the other Medifast bloggers and help cheer them on!
As a Medifast blogger, I receive Medifast meals and support to facilitate my weight loss journey. All opinions are my own.


Brandy said...

here's mine for the week! http://www.mommysplurge.com/2013/02/medifast-minus-monday-2/
i lost 4 pounds! i am too busy to enjoy it but happy when i saw your post because it reminded me to do a weekly update :)

i think you are doing great! you lost over 1/3 of what you want to lose!

Sarah said...

Great job!!

Liam Rubel said...

Skipping the regular exercises may make it little slower to reach your goal. So keep moving on, do your exercises regularly.If i skip my exercises in the morning, i do it before dinner.

Tranae said...

Congrats. I count and celebrate every decimal. Losing weight is hard.

Nikki said...

You go girl! And of course you should count the decimaals! I mean 1.8 is a HUGE difference then just 1lbs! Keep up the work!

Anonymous said...

Good job! I'm really impressed. I'm not sure I could do a diet plan because I think in the long run it would be way too easy to get off track. I try to just be better about my water and calorie intake and eat "real" foods I can make forever. I'm so scared of getting into a yo-yo situation!

Ashley! said...

I love your rewards system!! And your blog is great :)

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