19 November 2012

November Sponsor Love {& Ad Sale!}

I hope you check out my lovely November sponsors this month!

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Now on to this month's awesome sponsors...

Hi! I'm Mama G from Growing Up Geeky. I am married to M - a mad scientist, and I recently became a stay-at-home Mommy to my one-year-old daughter Carina. M is an oboe playing organic chemist & I am a former Math-lete and self-proclaimed domestic failure. I think it's safe to say that our baby girl won't have a prayer at being cool. My blog celebrates our quirks and outright geekiness and provides you with a healthy dose of super cute baby. And we just recently welcomed baby girl #2, Aurelia - so join us for the chaos that is sure to ensue!

I'm Sara. I am a wife and mother/stepmother. I am also a student, a full-time employee, a Christian and so much more.

I am an aspiring midwife. I am passionate about pregnancy, childbirth, and women's health. I am passionate about health issues in general but gravitate towards childbirth and other women's health issues. I love to learn about alternative remedies. I am a big fan of Dr. Andrew Weil and the emerging field of integrative medicine.

I have five children, all girls. I am prayerful that when the time is right, I will be blessed with a son (or two).

I work full time as a medication aide in a long term care facility.

I try to be a woman of God. I need to remind myself that no one is perfect. I do try to seek His will when planning, especially when reaching my long term goals.
Stay at home moms, Bea and Lucy, noticed they were neighbours when they quit their jobs as animator and manager to raise their kids.   Although they had lived side by side for a few years, it was once their lives slowed down that they befriended each other through playdates, yard work, carpooling, and coffee breaks, and chatted about what they were going to do to keep their careers alive without actually going back to work!
Tired of “fall-off-the-wall” stickers and mass-produced, humdrum art that was available for kids’ rooms, they decided to create their own. Inspired by their children, Bea’s amazing art, and Lucy’s business savvy, they pictured eye-popping, imaginative art and d├ęcor for kids that would transform rooms into magical spaces.  Their vision evolved through many more playdates, cups of coffee, dirty diapers and naps, to the whimsical world that Bealoo has become.
One piece at a time, Bealoo strives to decorate your little one’s space with style!

I think you know this by now, but in case you missed it... Medifast helped me lose 30lbs!
loss progress

This is a truly amazing company and I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have about the program! I started with the 5 and 1 plan on March 2, 2011 and met my goal {again, of THIRTY POUNDS} by July 27, 2011.

You can read about my week-to-week updates, favorite foods, how the plan works and how I met each of my goals, etc here.

I officially plan to start back on Medifast's 5 and 1 plan on January 1, 2013 and I can't wait to kick off the new year right!  If you'd like to join me, use my shopping code JENNI56 for 56 free meals with your order of $250!

Also, check out these current bloggers on the program:

I’m just a mom who juggles taking care of the kids, running a photography business, and trying to keep it all straight! I specialize in maternity, newborn, children, engagement, and family portrait photography in the Philadelphia metro area.
{Steph most recently did my birth photography, Reid's newborn pictures and our family pictures!}

And if you're looking for new blogs to follow, check these out... they are AMAZING!!

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