06 September 2012

Hospital Bag Packing List

Considering I've been in "hospital bag mode" for a few weeks now, I thought I'd share an updated list for those of you wondering what the heck to pack!

Reminder: You'll want to pack like you and your husband are taking a weekend vacation some place very exciting and then bringing back an adorable mini version of yourselves as a souvenir.

Not too difficult, right?

After doing this twice now {oh my gawd, am I really about to do this a third time??} here is the most updated version of my hospital bag packing list.  I hope you find it helpful!

For Mama:
  • Pillow
  • Slippers
  • Flip Flops
  • Comfy clothes- zip up hoodies, nursing or regular tanks, nursing or regular/sports bras, comfy shorts/pants, PJ's and undies {I can't stress the importance of wearing your own clothes... they make you feel human again, especially when you have visitors. I even went out and bought cheap granny panties for the hospital. I bled on NOTHING. I can't imagine sitting around in a half-opened hospital gown while 36 people are in my room with me.}
  • My Breast Friend/Boppy {great for learning how to nurse with the lactation consultant present or even propping/holding the baby if you don't plan to nurse}
  • Nursing Cover {if you're having a lot of visitors}
  • Lanolin 
  • MacBookPro/charger {I had plenty of time to be online in the hospital, especially at night when the nurses came in and checked on me every 10 minutes}
  • Camera/charger
  • Video camera/extra batteries
  • iPhone/charger {I never received or sent more texts in my entire life...yes, even while I was in labor. Make sure you're phone is completely charged at all times and ready to go.}
  • Toiletries {travel size work best} of shampoo, conditioner, body wash {plus a loufa}, toothpaste, hair spray, lotion, face wash, face wipes, deodorant, etc
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor {yes, I shaved in the hospital}
  • Hair dryer
  • Flat Iron {yes, I actually used mine... What? You're a temporary celebrity.}
  • Make-up {see above}
  • Hairbrush and extra hairbands
  • Insurance information
  • Copy of your birth plan
  • List of people to call/text
Some stuff the hospital had for me: Peri-bottle, Dermaplast numbing spray, Tucks, ice pads, maxi pads, mesh undies {though I wore my own after the first day...I just wanted to feel normal!}

For Baby:
  • Coming home outfit
  • Onesies
  • Cozy warm blanket
  • Car seat with base installed in the car that you bring to the hospital ;)
  • Receiving blankets {we used these so the dogs could get use to the baby's smell before bringing them home to meet each other.}
Some of the stuff the hospital had for the baby: diapers, wipes, Triple Paste, blankets, nasal aspirator, pacifiers, etc.

For Daddy:
  • Pillow
  • Comfy clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Toiletries {again, travel-size work best}
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • iPad/charger
  • Kindle/magazines
  • iPod/headphones
  • Debit card/cash {for food!}
  • Snacks
Bob and I fit everything into our travel/carry-on-size wheely suit case. I then packed all the baby stuff in the diaper bag, all the toiletries in a cosmetic bag, and all the electronics together in a laptop bag.

Again, I hope you find this list helpful and good luck! :)


mel said...

You crack me up with the flat iron! Few more days :)

Anonymous said...

Just a few more days! Are you planning to nurse this time?

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Ha I was totally going to write this post this weekend! No need now! I'll just use yours ;)

Heather said...

I used about 2 things in my whole hospital bag when I had my daughter! I guess I was just tired to get up and do anything other than take care of baby!

I can't believe your little one will be here within days!!!

Jessica said...

I can't wait to hear your news! Good luck!

Just had our third last wk and I couldn't agree with you more on showering, wearing your own clothes, and putting on makeup! I was out of that awful gown right away.


Amanda Dement said...

Thank you for making this list, I was in such a rush with my daughter I brought hardly anything, and totally regretted it. It is nice to see what all you are bringing and why it will def. help me in a couple months when we have our little man : )

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