30 July 2012

Road Trip!

OBX, 2010

So I have a few road trips coming up in the next few weeks and I'm so excited about them.

Right now, you're probably thinking "what crazy girl would be excited for a road trip at 8 months pregnant?"  Well? Me.  Not for the actual driving itself, but for the discussions, the laughs, the SNACKS, the music, and the overall excitement of going somewhere fun.

You just can't beat it.

My first road trip occurs this week {squeeeeee!} and it's with this girl... I can't wait!  I'm meeting her off the beaten path in Central Jersey so that we can then head up to New York City for BlogHer12!

There will be snacks.  There will be coffee.  There will be loud music.  There will most definitely be singing.  And I can pretty much guarantee you that there will be dancing.

It's here that I must also send a shout out to my dad! :) Papa Joe is driving me 45 minutes north so that I can meet Steph on the way to NYC.  And I only had to promise to buy him lunch {I know the way to my dad's heart.... Philly cheese steaks.}

My next road trip takes place less than a week after I return from BlogHer.  Yep... our annual family vacation to Outer Banks, NC!  I can. not. wait. to go to OBX this year.  We had to move our trip up a few weeks because of the babe {and also, my sister's due 4 days before me as well... so it wasn't just my fault ;}  Much more to come next week on this! =)

Oh, why yes, the 8 hour drive south will be a bit tough to handle, but we decided to break it up this year.  We'll probably go about half way and stay over night in Virginia Beach on Friday night.  We think it will help both the kids and myself, and it'll be fun to exit the highway and do something fun in a new place!

We're already getting the SUV ready for this trip... it's at the shop today, then off for an oil change next week.  After that, Bob and I {but mostly Bob} will clean it inside and out, since we both can not road trip anywhere with a dirty car {is anyone else like this?  Scrub the car before a big road trip?  Good, it's not just us then.}  We'll also pack the cooler full of drinks and snacks... our "go-to" road trip snacks are always...
  • Pringles {and our #1 beach food as well!}
  • Orange Gatorade/soda/water/Capri Suns
  • Pretzel & Cheese Combos
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Cheez-Its
  • Sweedish Fish
  • Starbursts
  • Gum
All extremely healthy stuff, ya know? So tell me... how do you plan for a road trip? What do you bring with you?  I hope, no matter where you go, you'll have a lovely {and safe!} trip.  Also, don't forget to exit the highway and take the scenic route... by pledging, you can be entered to win a brand new Toyota Prius V.  And, for extra entries, submit photos from  your trip!  No matter where the road takes you, I hope you can enjoy it with the people you love most!

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Sara said...

Definitely book a hotel in VB before you leave! We went to the OBX July 7th-14th and stayed overnight there as well. We didn't book anything because, well, you know how it is with kids. We weren't sure if we would make it that far and didn't want to lose money. When we finally made it, and stopped for a room, everyone looked at us like we were crazy to show up on a Friday night and ask if any rooms were available. We finally found one after 45 minutes of screaming toddlers and 4 hotels! It was someone's last minute cancellation that we grabbed as well! Have fun!!!

christine52078 said...

haven't commented or checked in on your blog in SO long! First off, congrats on being pregnant again! we just got back from our annual trip to the OBX a few weeks ago. You will have to let me know if staying overnight somewhere midway and leaving early to get into the obx helps any with traffic. We were on the road(we live in pitman) at 330 am and we still sat in traffic for about a mile before the bridge all the way into corolla for about 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great trip!

MrsWoelper said...

We are going to OBX sept 1-8 and I am so nervous my doctor won't want me to go. I'll be 34 weeks and most likely have GD (doing my 3 hour this week, but I had it with DD so I'm not holding out much hope). I haven't talked to her about it yet but I will at my appt on the 6th. Hopefully she'll be as understanding as your doctor. It gives me a little hope that you're going and you'll be about as far along as me when you go. Have fun!

Sarah Halstead said...

You totally need to get up with me when you go to the OBX I am only an hour from there. I will email you my number. :) Would totally love to meet you!

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