17 July 2012

BOGO Ad Space!

In honor of the upcoming BlogHer Conference as well as... oh you know, THE BABY... I'm offering buy one, get one medium and small ad space for the months of August and September!  

This is a great time to promote your business and/or blog as my attendance at the BlogHer Conference last August increased my pageviews by 15,000 {from 50,000 to 65,000} in a single month!  Now, with monthly pageviews at just over 75,000, I'm hoping to break the 100,000 mark soon {thanks to you lovely readers that I adore so very much! *MUAH*}

So... if you've ever thought about sponsoring JFTB, now is a fabulous time to do it.  

I have a few small ad spaces available {medium ads are now sold out!} for purchase and your button and link will remain on my sidebar throughout the months of August {hello, BlogHer} and September {oh hello, BABY.}

My large ad space is sold out for the month of August, but I have two available for September.  Unfortunately, large ad space is much too difficult to include in the BOGO sale with the giveaway option, etc.  But if they are still available for purchase if you're interested!

All you need to do is purchase your ad via PayPal {below} and email me with your shop/blog link and ad button and you're all set!

ORDER NOW! Just pick your ad size & month:
Month(s) of pending sponsorship:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me! Looking forward to working with you :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely idea! we are now a member of your blog :)

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