16 July 2012

31 weeks and oncology update...

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Whew... I think these weeks are flying by faster and faster, aren't they!?!  I'm sure they'll start slowing down soon when I have to literally hold my belly up in order to walk anywhere ;)

Okay so, I had two appointments on Friday.  The first was the appointment with the oncologist that stemmed from my MRI results. The doctor was awesome and he was so reassuring and comforting.  I presume someone in his position would need to be exactly that, however.

After reviewing my two ultrasounds and my MRI results, he told me that the mass is something he's never seen before {which is what all the docs are saying, hence my lack of diagnosis} and that right now it doesn't appear to be cancerous {no blood flow, no lynph nodes, etc.} but the only way to know with complete accuracy is to biopsy.  He also said that, just because it doesn't show malignant symptoms at the moment, doesn't necessarily mean that it can't develop them. 

As far as a diagnosis, we still have none {as expected.} He said it could be anything from "a highly complex nabothian cyst" to some rare thing I probably couldn't even pronounce, let alone spell for you here, to performing a "complete hysterectomy post baby" {I think that was the most rare and extreme option and something I wouldn't even consider without multiple opinions, obviously.}

He did an exam and could feel the mass {ouch!} and said that it was soft {another good sign, as malignant tumors are hard} and that my cervix felt soft as well.  He said he would defer to my OB and high-risk doc at MFM regarding a birth plan, but he's concerned that the mass will affect my cervix's ability to dilate/efface.  However, if my cervix remains soft and dilates on it's own, they are all good signs that I'd be able to proceed with a vaginal delivery.  Only time will tell.

Currently, our plan of action is to just wait and watch, basically.  He's ordering growth ultrasounds every two weeks from here on out to monitor growth and blood flow {and of course, check on the growth of the baby as well!} He mentioned also doing another MRI around 36 weeks, which I told him just wasn't happening. {Especially after he sat there and told me that an ultrasound was the best way to monitor blood flow.}

So yeah. My BPPs will continue on a weekly basis with growth ultrasounds on even weeks {32, 34 and 36.} He's calling both my OB and my high risk doc to come up with a plan that all 4 of us can agree on and I hope to speak with my OB about that this Friday at my bi-weekly appt with her. 

Again, as far as delivery, he said it's much too early to tell. They prob won't decide until my growth u/s at 36w and based on size/growth/position of the mass, they'll make a decision at that time. He said he can't say right now weather or not I'd have to have a c/s {which is the least of my worries at this point, though I'll push for a vaginal birth, if possible.} I just want a healthy baby and mama at the end of all this!

I'm feeling okay about the appointment. I didn't really expect any answers. I figured they'd just monitor it and then test it post baby which is basically the plan right now unless it grows and/or develops blood flow. 

After meeting with the oncologist, I headed over for my weekly BPP.  The babe is still perfect and passed with flying colors again after just a few minutes.  We got a few good pics of him/her eating it's little toes, sucking it's thumb and then letting out a big yawn {which was the most adorable thing ever.}  Being able to see the babe, just helped me leave the hospital feeling comforted.  He/she is perfectly fine in there and that's what I'm focusing on the most. 

And with that, I must also add that I had a moment yesterday.  I looked down at my belly and got excited.  I mean really excited.  I can't wait to meet this baby.  Find out who this little person is in there.  See who he/she will look like.  Hold them.  Kiss them.  Love them

I just can't wait.

Pregnancy: 31 weeks

Weight Gain: 20 pounds

Sleep: Starting to get really uncomfortable now.  BH contractions are getting stronger and I find myself waking up because of them {and then, of course, getting up to go to the bathroom.  Ya know, because I'm already up.}

Gender: We're team green, so we'll find out in September!

Names: Reid Joseph or Emerson Mae {see the name post here!}

Feeling: Staying positive. :)

Health:  BP is still fine and my swelling doesn't seem to be to bad yet.  Hoping every thing stays in check as long as possible!

Movement: Feeling him/her constantly.  I love it!

Belly: Measuring about 2-3 weeks ahead right now, have the start of a very light linea negra, and my belly button has been out for awhile.  For comparison, here's my 31 week belly shot with Brynn!

Next Appointment: OB appointment, Biophysical Profile & Growth Ultrasound: this Friday, July 20th at 31w5d.  Eager to talk to my doc about a plan and see how big the babe is!  Also, want to see if the mass has grown at all since my MRI.


Sarah Halstead said...

I will continue to pray for you! Hopefully you will be able to carry this babe a little longer.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you. Hoping everything works out exactly like you want. Healthy baby and mama!

Kristal said...

Praying for you Jenni, that this is all just a cyst that won't affect baby or delivery at all.

I think your belly looks smaller this time than it did with Brynn and it's great news that your BP is still good with minimal swelling! At 31 weeks in the summer heat, that is no small feat.

ana said...

Long time blog reader and lurker. But just want to offer you my support. I had a somewhat similar scare and just had two "unknown masses" removed from both ovaries yesterday (I'm 12 weeks postpartum). Sending you many, many virtual positive vibes, Jenny!

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