02 April 2012

16 Weeks!

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What. The. Eff? 16 weeks? You have GOT to be kidding me with this. Is this pregnancy flying by for anyone else? I don't even see how it's possible for me to be this far along already. Gah!

So, you guys? I'm nervous.

I just realized that my big ultrasound is 2 weeks {!!!} from today. Usually my nerves for this monumental ultrasound are masked by my excitement to find out what we're having. However, being Team Green means that the only thing masking my nerves now, is my excitement of seeing the baby. I just hope and pray that everything is okay in there and that my little pumpkin is healthy.

But like I said, I am so excited to see him/her. The last time we saw the babe was at 7 weeks pregnant...
7w ultrasound edit
...such a peanut! And what a difference a little over 10 weeks will make, he/she will actually look like a baby now. Our baby. <3

Can I just tell you that I'm also nervous that the tech will slip and tell us what we're having? Well, I am. I know people wait all the time, but still. I don't want to know. I'm not even interested in finding out because I'm just so excited about waiting. But I still have this fear that they'll slip, or use a pronoun or we'll see something on the ginormous plasma TV that is connected to the ultrasound machine.

Those who have waited before... do you have any advice as we go into our big ultrasound?

I plan to talk to the tech ahead of time and tell her that we plan to wait and ask her what she plans to call the baby throughout the ultrasound {i.e. "the baby" or decide on a pronoun ahead of time... like always say "he" or "him."} I also plan to have her tell us when she's close to the area so we can look away. I also don't want her to even give us any indication that she even knows the sex of the baby {like "oh, I saw the sex right away!"}

Because I don't even want to think that I know.

I also want to ask that she not put it on my chart, if possible. I'm seeing my same doctor for all of my OB appts and she's super excited that we're Team Green {she was for her babies too} so I know she won't say anything, but it's just a precaution. I don't want anyone to slip!

Again... I'm sure everything will be fine and no one will say a damn thing and I will get the side eye from the tech as I ask her all this stuff. But I'd rather look like a crazy lady and not know the sex of the baby, then not say a thing and have someone accidentally tell us.

So yeah... there's that.

Pregnancy: 16 weeks

Weight Gain: 4 pounds

Sleep: Sleeping really well! And with my bladder of steal, I'm sure I'll be well into the 3rd tri before I start getting up to pee at night.

Gender: We're team green, so we'll find out in September!

Names: OMG I really need to write this post.

Feeling: Feeling great! Just nervous, like I said.

Health: Okay so I had my appt on Thursday. The baby's HB was a perfect 154 {he/she is really keeping us guessing!} and I gained 4 pounds in 16w, which isn't too bad! I'm happy with that.

But my BP was elevated. It wasn't what they considered "high" but it was a bit elevated, so we'll just keep an eye on that. At 16w, I really don't want it to start going up again already!

Movement: Dance Party USA in there. I love it! :)

Belly: The big ol' belleh is really starting to slow down! I think I'm much bigger than I was with Carter at this point, but not quite as big as I was with Brynn at 16w. And I think that comes along with losing 30 pounds before I got pregnant with this baby.

Hopefully I only measure 4 weeks ahead like I did with Carter and not 6 weeks ahead like I did with Brynn ;)

Next Appointment: Ultrasound: Monday, April 16th at 18w1d | OB: Friday April 27th at 19w5d


Christa Cox said...

so cute!
im 11 weeks along and the second pregnancy definitely does go faster!

Erica said...

We made sure to tell the tech that we didn't want to know. She told us to look away when she was in that area. And even asked us one more time before being done with the u/s if we were 100% sure we didn't want to know. At my ob/gyn it's standard practice that they don't note the chart as to the sex of the baby, so we didn't have to worry about that.

You can do it!!! Just remember to remind Bob to tell you when he/she arrives. :)

Murdock's mama said...

I love that you're team green...we were too! I wouldn't worry that the tech will slip. Ours did tell us ahead of time that she always says 'he' and we actually had a girl, so it must have been a true statement! :) They didn't document it in our chart, our doctor didn't know what we had until we delivered. The best surprise ever!! :)

jess1979 said...

I have 2 kids, and we were team green both times. I started out the appointment by telling the tech that we didn't want to know, and both times, they were excited about that and didn't give any indication of what gender the baby was. They warned me to look away every time they were even close to the area. And they didn't write it on my chart...my doctors didn't know at all.

And, I ended up being high risk. So I had weekly ultrasounds from 30 weeks on. Sometimes twice a week. And not once did anyone even come close to slipping. I know the doctor didn't even know because I needed to be induced, and they waited an extra week to make sure the baby's lungs were mature (since they didn't know boy or girl, and boys lungs mature slower apparently).

I just made sure to tell them at every appointment, even once all the high risk nurses knew me, that we didn't want to know. And it all went fine. I "knew" both times that I was having a boy, but that was just lucky intuition, because I didn't look at the screen and no one even hinted!

Anonymous said...

I love team GREEN! That was us 3 times. It was the best surprise in the world.... like everyone else has said... just let the tech know, we were always told to close those eyes or look away at the beginning and when she was near the area. My tech always said that she called every baby he... so good to check before. I had 2 different ob practices, and both wrote "normal" in the chart, just to know that the "parts" were all developing fine.

So excited for you! It will be so exciting to find out when that baby comes into the world! Congrats and can't WAIT to hear your name choices.

Erin said...

Yay for ultrasounds!! Im not sure I'd have the patience to stick with team green. I remember that being all I could thing about those first 18 weeks of pregnancy! You are stronger than me mama!

Also you are looking fabulous!!!

Team Davis said...

We didn't find out with either of our kids. The tech will probably ask you if you want to know. Ours didn't make any record anywhere of what the baby was so the Dr. didn't even know. We have one boy and one girl and the tech could tell right away with both, so don't worry about that at all. You still won't know.

The tech checked out the baby's position on the monitor before turning it to let us see so we knew we weren't going to see anything. With my daughter I thought i saw a boy part but it was the umbilical cord...so don't read too much into what you see! lol Have fun!!

Synchrosally said...

We just let the tech know in advance we didn't want to know. She was careful not to tell us. I'll tell you that it was difficult for me because I wanted to know and my husband did not. It was wonderful not knowing though in the end. It was such a wonderful surprise when he came out and the guessing along the way was fun. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Definitely tell the tech you DON'T want to know the sex-you won't be a crazy lady!

We thought we were going to be Team Green w/our second (we had been w/our first). However, baby had other ideas and CLEARLY flashed us boy parts at his 12 week u/s. We were shocked & hadn't said anything to the tech b/c we didn't think we'd be able to see "things" so early! Oh well, we were glad we got to experience the surprise w/our first.

Being surprised at the birth is amazing & worth holding out for - you're gonna love it (:

Amanda K. said...

I give you huge kudos for being team green! I don't think my husband (or I) could pull it off - we'd be going crazy, and would probably give in at the a/s. Mine is on the 25th and I'm aching to find out!

Two Journeys:One Life said...

Make sure you remind them numerous times DURING the u/s that you don't want to know.

I don't think they really "need" to write the sex in your chart but I'm not sure...

Good luck! I hope everything looks perfect!

Two Journeys:One Life said...

Make sure you remind them numerous times DURING the u/s that you don't want to know.

I don't think they really "need" to write the sex in your chart but I'm not sure...

Good luck! I hope everything looks perfect!

Jeannie said...

You look so fabulous mama!!!

Jessica said...

Definitely make sure she knows right away! My brother-in-law and his wife just had their ultrasound and she told them right away without even asking. Lucky for her and them they wanted to know. We kept our last a surprise and it wasn't an issue at all. And I actually had 3 ultrasounds, one at 18 weeks, one at 20, and one later on in pregnancy and nobody slipped. I don't even remember what she called the baby. She just made us look away for a minute a couple times. Good luck!

Actuary Mom said...

I told the tech right away and she never slipped up. I had another ultrasound around 30 weeks or so, and she was great at that one as well. I didn't even see her check the gender in either one. At my office, they don't even note it in the chart, so no one knew the gender. It is so fun to wait!!

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