05 March 2012

12 Weeks!

Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Gap

Okay, so two big things happened this week...

1. I felt the baby! You have no idea how happy this makes me! I actually started feeling him/her last week, but wasn't quite sure if it was "real" yet. It was little flicks and bumps right in the center of my belly, about 2 inches below my belly button. As a third time mom, you know what the baby feels like, and I really should have just trusted my gut feeling, but it was so early.

However, this week? I know without a doubt that it's the baby. My wittle, itty, bitty baby. Aww. Ever since then, I've been feeling my little sweet pea a few times a day. I actually just felt him/her a minute ago and it just makes my heart melt. So, yay!

2. I scheduled the big ultrasound! Ahhhh! How is that even possible!?! This is going by SO FAST. Anyway, I have to have a level II done at Maternal Fetal Medicine because of my history of monster babies and pre-e so they called last Tuesday and it's on the books for Monday, April 16th at 9:30am! 6 weeks from today, EEEKKK! I haven't seen the baby since 7w, so what a difference this u/s is going to make. I'm, of course, super nervous about it as well... I just want him/her to be healthy!

Bob and I plan to make a big day out of it {again!} by taking the day off from work, going to the u/s in the morning, then doing some shopping and going out to lunch. It's my favorite day of the pregnancy and even though we don't plan to find out the sex of the baby, it's still going to be amazing!

Pregnancy: 12 weeks

Weight Gain: -1 pound

Sleep: I fell asleep on the couch {ahem, while holding Brynn} at 7pm last night. So yeah... sleep is good.

Gender: We're team green, so we'll find out in September!

Names: More to come on this!

Feeling: Really great! Just tired a lot, but overall, I'm feeling good. I love it!

Health: I guess I passed my glucose test? I never heard anything and with my doc, no news is good news. I may call my nurse just to hear her say it though ;)

Movement: See above. :)

Belly: Getting bigger by the week {um, as expected ;} Bob and I went to a 40th anniversary party on Saturday night, so here's a picture from that...
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Dress: Gap {for $6.99!!} | Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft | Boots: Steve Madden

And for comparison, here's my 12 week belly with Brynn!

Next Appointment: OB: Thursday, March 29th at 15w4d | Ultrasound: Monday, April 16th at 18w1d


Kristin said...

This whole post makes me happy!

Erin said...

So glad to hear everything is going well so far!! You are looking great!

mel said...

So happy for you guys!!!! Love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute. LOVING the belly!

Unknown said...

You are SO cute, Jenni! You look amazing!

Alicia said...

Soooo cute!!! Love the pop of green!!

Wondering - is there a winner for the Oreck giveaway yet?


Hay Hay said...

LOve the belly!!!

Breanna said...

You are THE CUTEST Mama I have ever seen :) Oh my good Lord! <3

Jeannie said...

Beautiful as always!!

Francy S said...

My next appointment is on march 29th too! I'll be 16 weeks 6 days. :)

Unknown said...

Lookin' fly! And happy. Which is most important of course!

Brandy Bruce said...

You look great and congrats on feeling the baby move! That's always so special!

Mindi said...

Hooray for feeling the baby!!! SOoooo exciting. That is one of my favorite parts about being pregnant. You look so cute!! :)

Unknown said...

SOOO cute!!

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