19 December 2011

December Sponsor Love

Check out my December sponsors, including a new coupon code to try Medifast and receive 56 {yes, fifty-six} FREE meals! Also, the ever-so-awesome Butt Paste and some new awesome blogs and shops below!

Stay tuned for my large sponsor and a giveaway!

First, I have to tell you that Kelly and I took a road trip down to Medifast last week to meet the amazing people we have been emailing back and forth with since February! They have been such a great source of support for us, so we jumped at the chance for a surprise visit. We especially wanted to meet the wonderful Renee, who has been there for us since day 1, so we talked to her boss {Hi Brian!} and set the whole thing up that way =)

Then we just... walked into her office. And it? Was amazing. Here's a shot of the four of us after our tour of the {newly renovated and overly gorgeous} Medifast offices just outside of Baltimore...Okay, so just a bit about this awesome program... On December 15, Medifast introduced a new customer savings program. If you use my new coupon code, JENNI56, and sign up for Medifast Advantage when you order $250+, you’ll receive 56 free Medifast Meals and free shipping! Medifast Advantage has a lot of perks, including free customizable meals and a free BlenderBottle® with minimum purchase.Here are the details: For your first order of $250+, use my code, and enroll in Medifast Advantage to receive 28 free meals. Do the same on your next order and you’ll receive ANOTHER 28 free meals! This offer is only valid if you enroll in Medifast Advantage, and it’s limited to one per customer. It’s not valid with prior purchases, any other promotions or discounts, or for Medifast Ready-to-Drink Shakes. Check out Medifast for complete details on the program and discounts.

And I think you know this by now, but in case you missed it... Medifast helped me lose 30lbs!
loss progress


This is a truly amazing company and I'd be happy to answer any questions that you have about the program!
Boudreaux's Butt Paste
A continuing supporter of jenni from the blog, Blairex Laboratories is home to the overwhelmingly popular diaper rash remedy that tells it like it is: Boudreaux's Butt Paste.

I LOVE this stuff. Like use-it-every-single-day-because-it-works kind of love. And because winter is rapidly approaching {I mean what the heck happened to fall??} these items are starting to really get all kinds of attention from me...

Boudreaux's Baby Butt Bath™ is a gentle non-irritating formula for infants and children that restores moisture to delicate skin and helps prevent the drying effects of cleansing.
• Soothes irritated skin
• Tear free
• pH-balanced
• Non-irritating
And smells oh so good!! The babies come out of the tub smelling all delicious and ready for lots of hugs and kisses! =)

Boudreaux's Baby Kisses™ was formulated especially for infants and kids without unnecessary additives.
• Soothes and helps heal dry, chapped lips and cheeks
• Non-irritating
• Peruvian Balsam for healthy skin
Grab a tube for your purse too! And I'm not going to lie, I use this stuff too! {What? It works.}

Boudreaux's Rash Protector™ is formulated to protect and help relieve chapped or cracked skin.
• Clear, gentle stream
• Easy to apply and helps seal out wetness.
• Easy to use
• Bag-in-can technology allows for dispensing at any angle — even upside down. Gentle and safe for people of all ages.
• Contains 10% Dimethicone (skin protectant) and Peruvian Balsam for healthy skin.
This stuff is seriously my favorite baby item EVER. I use it constantly and I love it so much because it's just so darn easy to use. No globs of cream under your nails... just spray and go! LOVE.

And if you're looking for new blogs to follow or awesome shops for that perfect holiday gift, for the love of God, check these out... they are AMAZING!!

and then, she {snapped}

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