16 December 2011

Y3W | 18 month stats!

I'm a little late on the check-ups considering that Brynn turned 18 months 3 weeks ago, but that's what happens when your baby hits this milestone ON Thanksgiving.My pretty girl is doing so well. She has surpassed many of her milestones, and I think that has a lot to do with trying to fight off keep up with her big brother.

She is talking so well, something that I felt Carter was a little behind on {though I think that has a lot to do with gender!} Brynn also recently learned the word "no" and she certainly knows how to use it in context. Hey, we're working on it. She is very sensitive, so as soon as you "yell" at her, she immediately gets so upset. Poor baby!
Sidenote #1: The iPad is a must at any doctors appointment now, and I think Brynn was just excited that she had it all to herself without her brother stealing it. If you don't have it already, Monkey Lunchbox is an awesome {and free} app for kids!

Sidenote #2: Bob took Carter to Wendy's while I had Brynn at the doctors last night. Carter had some change in his pocket {thanks to GG!} and when Bob went to pay for his dinner, Carter put his $0.55 cents on the counter to pay for his nuggets. How cute is that?

Okay, back to the appointment... Brynn's stats! She is really thinning out, that one. I'm not use to this! Carter never really thinned out, he's just always been so... solid. But Brynn? She's turning in to my little peanut girl!

Weight: 26.5 lbs | 75%
Height: 33.5 in | 85%
Head: 19 in | 95%

She's steadily going down in the charts {especially with weight} but we just love every ounce of her.

Happy 18 months baby girl! I can't believe you're on your way to TWO!
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What's everyone up to this weekend? As for us, we don't have too much going on. I plan to catch up {ahem, I mean start} my wrapping. Also, my mom, sisters and I have our annual "Ho, Ho, Ho Down" {yes, that's really what we call it} on Saturday night. Wine, dinner, and Christmas movies... I can't think of anything better!

Have a lovely weekend and good luck to all those that are heading out to the stores to finish up their shopping!


Sarah said...

Brynn is looking like such a big girl these days! What a cutie! Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

Audrey said...

She is so pretty! These little babies are growing up too fast!

molly said...

What a pretty girl! I wish we had an iPad for doctor's appointments and such!

Danyiel said...

No longer a free app, but at only $.99 still going to get it.

Kelly said...

They grow up so fast!

Unknown said...

So precious! Hope that Santa brings this Mama an iPad!

Mandy said...

My babies LOVE, LOVE Monkey Lunchbox too on the ipad, lol!

Suzanne said...

I think the talking thing is definitely different based on gender. My daughter talked so much better than my son has at the same age. We'll see how it goes with my second son.

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