20 September 2011

Things I wish I had time to blog about...

1. My baby girl? She's losing all her baby fat. Like, it's gone. For real. She is so super skinny now. And light. I don't make light babies. What in the world is happening?

2. I leave for Disney a week from Saturday. ZOMG WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD AND I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED THINKING ABOUT PACKING {for me or the kids.} Oh, the kids. How I will miss their faces.

3. What the eff is Missoni?

4. I'm totally in love with the "new" {Is it new? Well, it's new to me.} Adele song. This one.

5. What am I suppose to watch on Monday nights now that Bachelor Pad is over?

6. Don't become a helicopter parent. Just don't do it. It's cool when your kids are in elementary school. Acceptable when they're in middle school. Transition should take place some time in high school. Because it's effing awful when they're in college. Cut the cord. Do it. Learning to think for themselves and becoming independent, mature, responsible adults is a MUST. Stop enabling them.

7. I'd love to post my OBX pictures, talk about my fall decor that has been out for weeks, and discuss Carter's potty training {or lack thereof.} I'd just love to post about that. Hopefully soon.

8. Guest posters for Disney? Should I do it?

9. ZOMG Jimmy Rollins wrote to me on Twitter. That just made the hell out of my day. #iloveyoujroll {oh, do hash tags not work here?}10. And, really... what the eff is Missoni?

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Unknown said...

i love this post and i miss you on gchat. stupid freshmen.

to answer questions 3 & 10 - its overrated target fug.

#6 a-to-the-men

#8 yes. now what do you want me to write about for 5 days ;)

#9 woot! i love when a celeb talks to their fans on twitter...you know, instead of arguing with them, ROSEANNE.

Mindy said...

Missoni is the fugliest most over priced crap I have seen in a long time! $39.99 for a Toddler dress at Target. That is not cool. I might pay $39.99 for a toddler dress at Gymboree, but not Target.

You just reached a whole new level of coolness in my husband's book, not only did you get to go on the field during the best Phillies game of the season, J-Rol tweeted you! JEALOUS!

CoffeeBlue said...

LOL. You work in higher ed, right? My partner is an academic advisor at our local university and I can't believe the stories she comes home with! She doesn't even work with freshman, and yet these *adult* students still come in with their mamas (and their aunts and their dads and their cousins) to try to figure out what classes to take for the next semester!! It's crazy. But I'm guessing you already know that :)

Danyiel said...

Missoni really should stay out of Target and in the higher end places where people have no problem dropping $600 for a shirt or a belt. Oh wait, I underestimated that would be $1475 for a maxi dress. I mean really does that kind of designer need to sell in Target. Overrated.

I have a "friend" on FB who says Missoni and shopping cart should not be in the same sentence.

Emily said...

#6. Srsly. And certainly don't call me if I don't hire them. Maybe you need to tell Buffy that mini skirts, 9" high heels and a boob tube are not interview appropriate.

And Missoni? Yeah. No idea. It's kinda fugly.

Steph said...

#1 - can't be possible. No way sir. I need photographic proof.

#2 - packing, schmacking, I'm jealous you are going to DW.

#3 - I am so with you on this one.

#4 - Didn't even have to click the link. I am obsessed with that song.

#5 - Monday Night Football?

#6 - A to the men!

#8 - Guest posters? Yes please. I know someone who could whip something up for you. ;)

#9 - Awesome!

#10 - See #3.

Miss you!

Brandi said...

I am still waiting for the posts about BlogHer....jobs get in the way too much!!

Kristin said...

that's so cool he totally checked out your blog!

molly said...

I found out like two days later that everyone was fuh-reaking out about this new Missoni crap. I have heard of the brand before but after looking at in Target . . . I just don't get it. I'm way out of fashion right now though so whatever.

mary. sunkissedlife said...

I didn't even know what Missoni was either but wow sounds kinda like an overpriced clothing line? Lucky you're going to Disney World. I'm in love with that Adele song too, I can listen to it all. day. long.

Melissa said...

Ok, A-Freaking-MEN on the helicopter parent thing. I work with graduate students primarily, and I even have to deal with it there!! It makes me nuts.

Yay for Disney, Jimmy Rollins tweeting to you, and Disney again!! Have fun!! :)

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