20 September 2011

Wordless | What a sports nut, huh?

{Okay, what movie?}

The entire time we were on vacation, Carter would not sit down. He was constantly off playing some type of sports related activity with anyone who would throw a ball to him...
But when he finally did sit down {for 5 seconds} he would look something like this... {and yes he fell and scraped his knees 3 minutes after arriving in OBX for our vacation.}
And with a game room in the house? It was even harder to get him to go to sleep at night...

So you can imagine my surprise when I asked him last week what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said a football player. But just as I was about to order his costume? He changed his mind. {Of course he did. That's why I asked him 5 times before I ordered it.}

At first it was from a football player to a basketball player. Now it's a soccer player. Tomorrow I'm sure it will be a swimmer or a hockey player or perhaps even a beer pong player.

I mean, it's anyone's guess, really.

Bob said we should just go get him a football helmet, basketball uniform, soccer shin guards, cleats, and a hockey stick and he can go around as a sports nut.

It's sounding better every day.

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Amber said...

Cute pictures! I love the sports nut idea--too funny.

ashley said...

"I'm in Psychoville & Finkle's the Mayor!"

Anonymous said...

These are sooo adorable. He looks like a busy boy.

Annie said...

He is such a little athlete! And what better place to play with balls than the beach?

Lauren said...

Love the Ace Ventura reference!

Rachel Joy said...

Start them young and you might have the next Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan..heheh

Anonymous said...

Great photos! So cute!

Steph said...

E is the same way! He wants to play baseball all the time. Nothing else! And, according to the hubs, he's pretty darn good.

EMily said...

That's good idea...however I'm sure dressing him like a beer pong player would be the easiest...a polo, pair of jeans and some flip flops...and maybe some hair gel...then you are set!

alicia said...

Sure is a busy age. I'm sure there were tons of treasures after the storm too. lol. For some reason I keep getting error message. Linkies have it out for me. lol.

Becki said...

I vote for the psycho sports fan. Everyone (including Carter) will get a kick out of it!

PS. I can't believe how skinny the little man has gotten! Definitely not a baby anymore.

Oh the joys of boys said...

Cute pics, love your blog name!! :)
new follower on twitter,fb and gfc
id love a follow back!

4little1s said...

V cute pics, love them :-)

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