01 September 2011

Guest Blogger: Mrs. Stephanie T.

hi, jenni's readers! my name is stephanie and i blog over at mrs. stephanie t. {formerly polos, pearls, & pacifiers}... what can i say, i'm a creature of change! i've also had the pleasure of meeting the owner of this blog in person. it was pretty magical, and i couldn't help but jump at the chance when she posted that she needed some guest posts while she went on vacay. hopefully i'll do while she's gone! ;)

does your kiddo{s} have any special names for you? calls you mommy, daddy, mama, dada? {my little nugget happens to call me mom mom.} or maybe they're too young to even say your name yet, but they know who you are and you can just see how much they love you?

that's one of my best things about being a parent to me. no one else in the world can rightfully call you mom or dad, other than your child{ren}. you're the cream of the crop to them. sure, grandma and grandpa might spoil them and let them eat cookies for dinner, but you're truly it. the apple of their tiny little pint sized eye. they look to you for everything. to tie their shoes, help them put on their clothes, change their bum, help them into the car, buy them that toy they screamed for 15 minutes in the store for. you walk in the room after being gone for even just a couple seconds, and their entire face lights up like they haven't seen you in weeks. you know the words to their favorite tv show's intro song? you might as well hold the world in the palm of your hands. it's just the little things that make them the happiest.

i never in a million years thought i would know a love as simple as the love i get from my daugher, hallie. never. no matter what mistakes i've made, wrongs i've done... they don't matter for her. she doesn't see them. {granted, i'll probably be saying the opposite in another 11 years. 13 seems to be when they hit "that age", right?} she just knows that i love her, and she loves me. that's the end of it. and for those of you that have more than one kid? DOUBLE or TRIPLE that love? i can't even imagine.

it blows my mind that these little people that sometimes seem to feel like managers that don't let you have a potty break without watching and trying to give you candy if you go number two, can wrap their tiny, itty bitty fingers around our hearts so tightly. and even though they'll one day have to let go, finally put their big kid panties on and start their own lives with their own families and have the same phenomenon that we feel, they'll always leave a tiny little handprint.
Don't forget to check out Stephanie's amazing blog! She is such a doll {and another fabulous person I was lucky enough to meet at BlogHer!}

In other news, can you believe it's SEPTEMBER??? When I get back from vacation, I'll be sure to post about just how much I love fall. That's after I return from the beach, of course ;)

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Skye McLain said...

wow! what a beautiful and heartfelt post! :)

Carolyn said...

Beautiful post and can I say i love that photo of you guys!!

Candice said...

you looks gorgeous and your little girl looks cute. Nice post.

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