15 July 2011

Y3W | Carter's Pirate Party

I can not believe it. My baby will be three on Monday.


I'm in shock.

First, if you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram then you already know this, but my Carter Man is sick. He has been sick since Tuesday, running high fevers of 104 and throwing up. It's been pretty awful. Even last night, his fever was 102. But I did get a smile out of him when mama came home from a 12 hour work day...
I'm hoping the fever finally breaks {he's literally exactly like normal Carter Man when the meds kick in, so I'll have to time it right tomorrow} so he can enjoy his parties this weekend.

Yes, parties. As in more than one.

The first one is the kids party on Saturday morning. It will be at BounceU, which he LOVES and this is the invite that I made for that party... {which you guys helped me with ;}
Pirate Invite3
For the kids party {all 25 of them} I ordered a sheet cake from our favorite bakery, and it will look similar to this...
My sweet birthday boy will be wearing this AMAZING shirt created by the wonderful Rachel, from *golden*...{yes, she makes all of my kids birthday shirts =}
Is that not the cutest thing ever!?! Carter LOVES it! I can't wait to put it on him tomorrow morning before we leave =) {Stayed tuned for a giveaway from *golden* on Monday in honor of Carter's 3rd birthday!!!!}

So, one of the reasons I picked BounceU, besides the fact that Carter loves it, is because all you need to do is bring a cake and favors. That's it. And after going crazy on Brynn's 1st birthday party, that's exactly what mama needed.

Here are the favors for the kiddos...
Super cute, right!?! I got everything on Amazon, which made it super easy to order.
I think Carter's ready... what do you think? =)

As for parties 2 and 3... on Sunday, we will be having a family BBQ/pool party at my parents house with just my family. This will also be a World Cup Final party now too... WOOT! {And if you don't know this by now, my entire family is soccer crazed and my dad coached one of the US players, Carli Lloyd from the age of 11 until she went to college =} But, of course, Sunday will be all about our Carter Man!

On Monday, Carter's actual birthday {ahhhhhhh} Bob and I took off from work and we're taking him to the movies for the very first time! We are SO EXCITED!! We're going to see Cars 2, then taking him out to lunch. Brynnie will be at Bob's mom's for the day and we'll be heading back there for dinner and cake with Bob's entire family.

My lucky birthday boy has a big weekend ahead of him. Please send all your well wishes for a healthy Carter Man!!

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Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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Steph said...

I may have to steal this idea for B's 1st birthday!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great birthday weekend for Carter!! I hope he starts feeling better today!! Poor little guy!
We will be watching soccer too! My family is a soccer family as well! How cool for your dad to see one of his ladies play!! USA!!! Love it!!

Heather said...

Happy almost birthday to mr. carter! I sure hope he starts feeling better soon. either way - i'm sure he is super excited for all his birthday party fun! enjoy! can't wait to see pictures!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Carter! Love the Pirate goodies...may have to get some for another little Pirate in our house! Hope he gets well soon!

Mary said...

LOVE the party theme - so cute!! My baby is three TODAY!! Where does the time go?? Really hoping he feels better for his party!!
Oh - my sister-in-law took Michael to the movies for the first time last week (also Cars 2) and he LOVED it!! So fun!

Jill said...

Hope your little guy feels better soon and that you all enjoy a fabulous birthday weekend!

Cheap Baby Favors said...

Interesting boys enjoys his Birthday and looks like he is inspired from Pirates:)

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