12 July 2011

TIOM | The whole truth.

Medifast | Week 19
I guess this would actually be Take it Off Tuesday? Meh, whatever. Mama's busy.

So I get a lot of emails about Medifast and I just thought, since most of you have the same kind of questions, I would write a whole post about it. And this is not intended to sway you from emailing me your questions... please do! I don't mind answering them at all! But I just figured this would help more people =)

So here is it... your Medifast questions- answered.

The whole truth.

I'm going to be 100% honest with you... I think no matter what diet you're on, you have to make it work for you. If you're giving up EVERYTHING to be on it, then it will NEVER work. Or at least you won't be happy, right?

So? Here's what works for me... {Obviously something else might work for you on Medifast or any diet. Keep that in mind while reading this, mmmkay?}

Staying on plan during the day.
On the 5 and 1 plan, you're suppose to eat 5 Medifast Meals and 1 Lean and Green meal per day {usually for dinner but it can really be any time of the day.} So many of you may be wondering what an average day looks like for me. Here it is...

I eat a Medifast meal for breakfast, skip the mid-morning snack and then eat TWO Medifast meals for lunch {so I'll have eggs for breakfast and then have pretzels and a shake for lunch} and then around 3pm I'll have a Peanut Butter Crunch bar {my fav!} and that usually holds me off for dinner. I also drink a ton of water throughout the day as well! Super important on ANY diet.

So, I eat 4 Medifast meals a day at work. I pack them in the morning and bring them in. I also have a few extras in my office just in case I feel like eating something else instead!

"Lean & Green"
We're being honest, right? For dinner, I eat whatever the hell I want. And that's what keeps me sane.

If you're a regular reader, you already know this, but my mom has dinner ready for us when we pick up the kids everyday {I know, I know... I'm lucky...and lazy.} It's always a yummy homemade meal that I DO NOT want to give up. So what do I do? I watch my portion sizes and try to keep it as low carb as possible. I just basically try not to go overboard with dinner. I eat what I want, but not a ton of it. There's no way I want to ruin my whole day of being good and staying on plan. But at the same time? I want to eat "normal" and with my family.

Like I said... dinner helps me stay sane on this diet.

So at this point I've had 4 Medifast Meals and my "Lean & Green"... I have 1 last Medifast meal to go on the plan.

My evening snack usually depends on what I had for dinner. So if I feel I ate a little too much at dinner, then I'll skip the evening snack. But if I feel hungry, then I'll eat it. Most Medifast meals are around 100 calories, so it's not like it's a TON of extra calories if I indulge in a Medifast brownie at night {which is amazing.}

{If you've made it this far? Bless your heart.}

Truth is... you're not suppose to drink while on the plan. But as you can see from my blog? I do. That is something I just can't/won't give up unless I'm pregnant. No diet will ever stop me from drinking {God that prob sounds bad. Oh well. I'm being honest here.} So yes, I drink on this diet.

As far as diet soda, etc... I usually have a diet coke a few times a week. I need the caffeine. As long as you're still drinking a ton of water, then you're good!

Oh, and I also didn't give up coffee {I think you're suppose too?? I knew it wasn't an option for me so I kinda stopped listening.} I just use splenda instead of sugar.

As far as working out, they say to try to limit it to 30 mins a day because you're taking in so few calories. Once you start the program {use my coupon code- JENNI50;} you'll be assigned a nutritionist and you can ask him/her any specific questions you have about the diet and exercising! They're the best!

Make it work for YOU.
All in all, even with me being "bad" I have still lost 27lbs. That my friends, is what I consider a success. Maybe I would have lost it a lot sooner had I been "good" but then I don't think it ever would have worked for me. I don't feel like I'm giving up everything to be on this diet. That's so important to me. And? I think it's important to most people that are committing themselves to being successful and getting healthy.

I may not be the best Medifast client in the world with staying 100% on plan, but I have lost 27 pounds and I'm just a mere 3 lbs away from my goal. I made it work for ME. And I love it.
Week 19 Summary
Weight loss this week: -0 lbs {which is exactly what I expected after last weeks MAJOR loss.}

Weight loss to date:
-27 lbs

Weight left to lose: 3 lbs

First Goal: 10 pounds {Reached: 3/23/11}

  • Reward: Pedicure {Check!}

Second Goal: 20 pounds {Reached: 5/5/11}

Final Goal: 30 pounds

  • Reward:

Success: Maintaining.

Set-Backs: These last 3 pounds will be holding on for dear life. I kind of expected little-to-no loss this week.

Exercise: Walk. Walk. Walk.

If you’re interested in trying Medifast, use the code JENNI50 to get $50 off an order of $275.
Disclosure: Medifast supplies their products to me for free for my personal use. I am not paid or compensated in any other way for mentioning them. They did not, however, supply my opinion, which is 100% my own. I promise that my reviews are always honest and never misleading to my readers. If you have a product that you would like to be considered for a review, please contact me.

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Steph said...

Love your honesty! And even with being "bad," you are doing great!

Sara said...

Jenni - I'm a new follower of your blog & LOVE that you're so honest. Like you, I have a busy life - between a one year old, a husband (that's not "on plan") and a job that is high pressure/high stress and requires some traveling, MF has been hard for me to follow. I've been more like a reverse MF architect. The first 2 weeks I stayed on plan 100%. Lost about 6 lbs. Since then, I've been traveling for work, hosting birthday parties, attending birthday parties, vacationing, etc. Needless to say, I'm eating MF but no longer on plan. I eat more like the transition phase (post reaching my goal) which I haven't yet. Limit carbs, sugar, etc. I've increased my exercise and continue to lose about 1-2 lbs per week. I have lost 13 total lbs and can do better, but choose to use MF to supplement my lifestyle. Instead of grabbing a 2,000 calorie chocolate frappucino at work, I can have a MF cappuccino. I'm currently at 3-4 MF meals per day and 1-2 lite "regular meals". Glad to see I'm not the only person on Earth that's revising the plan to fit life. Thank you for your honesty! And congrats on losing 27 lbs so far!
:) Sara

Jill said...

THANK YOU for the comprehensive medifast post. Love all of the details!!

Sarah said...

jenni -

since you are being honest (and i am a loyal blog follower AND customer of your etsy shoppe!!) what is your plan when you go off medifast? and do you really consider it "healthier" since everything is processed, boxed, and chemically altered? i am NOT asking with a bit of snark, rather with genuine curiosity.


jenni from the blog said...

@ Sarah- Medifast has a "transition" phase and then a "maintenance" phase that will help reintroduce everyday foods without putting a shock to your system or gaining all your weight back!

There's also a nutritionist that you work with that will help answer any questions that you have, especially individualizing the plan and the transition to help make it work for you.

And to answer your question, I do think it's "healthier" for me. I was eating like shit, quite frankly, so sticking to the plan has helped me learn to control my portion sizes and to be more accountable for what I eat. =)

Anonymous said...

well, that's good to know that they just don't dump you off at the end and wish you luck! thanks for the info! :)


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Good for you!!! And I totally agree that you have to make the diet you're on work for you. I've known so many people on strict diets that basically go insane because they are being too hard on themselves and don't modify things to suit them better. So jealous of your weight loss, and your purse. Ha ha.

Erika said...

I love your honesty! It's so refreshing.

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