25 July 2011

Call for Sponsors | August!

I'm doing my usual call for sponsors for the month of August! I think this is a great month to be seen because it's my birthday month because I'll be making a lot of new friends at BlogHer and handing out every single one of my 150 350 blog business cards. {What? Too many?}

As we all know, advertising is one of the best ways to promote your blog/site/shop and what's more perfect then seeing your pretty little ad button on the side of your favorite blog? {No, I'm talking about my blog. Sheesh.}

Before you jump on this delightful opportunity, here is a little more info on my ad options and blog stats:
Monthly Pageviews: 60,000-70,000
All-time Pageviews: 542,000
Google Friend Connect: 1,165+
{Public- 765+ | Private- 400+}
RSS Feedburner: 980+
Twitter: 670+
Facebook : 340+
Ad Boxes2
You can order below or email me with your questions!

Order now... just pick your ad size & month:
Month of pending sponsorship:

I look forward to working with you! =)

As always? Thank you! xoxo
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Amy said...

I am a new follower..I love your blog! And p.s....can you tell me who designed your blog? I need a makeover!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Amy- Thanks for following mama! My friend Steph did the HTML, I sent her the background paper and designed the header myself! =)

Here's her site: http://agrandelifegoodies.blogspot.com/

rachel said...

what's the secret to finding out how many private GFC followers I have? I did not know I could know that!

jenni from the blog said...

@ rachel- Good question! You have to follow your own blog {awkward, right? lol} and then when you go into your Google Reader, there's a "show details" button on the top right corner and you can view your private followers there! =)

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