24 June 2011

Y3W | scrubba dub dub

You have no idea how happy little baby heinies make me. =)

Carter and Brynn just LOVE bathtime. Brynn practically jumps out of my arms and into the tub where her brother eagerly awaits her arrival every. single. time. And the bathroom? Well it looks like a tsunami hit it after just 3 minutes. But I love that they love it. I love that their both in there together. I love that they play so well together. I love little wet baby heinies. I love the smell of a freshly bathed baby. So, I guess you can say I love bathtime too. =)
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What's everyone up too this weekend? Not too much going on here. I hope to touch up the bathroom paint so that we can officially declare it "DONE" {I refuse to make it official yet until there is not a single itty bitty thing left to do.}

So, we may be buying a new car tomorrow. Yes, another one. My Sentra lease is up so we're in the market for a "commuter car." Something that's little, safe, new and gets good gas mileage. We'll probably just lease something again for like 2-3 years since we bought the GMC Acadia and that's our main car.

Any recs??? We're looking at cars like...
The Hyundai Elantra:Tthe VW Jetta:
Or the Honda Civic: Now I've had both a VW Jetta and a Honda Civic before and loved them. I've never had a Hyundai before, but I'm really loving the new body styles that they've developed. They look nice and sporty, but are still "cheap", 4-door, safe, have great warranty's, and get about 40mpg.


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Sara said...

My husband's 2003 Honda Civic just died with 220,000 miles on it. Yes, you read that right. He loved the car, the gas mileage and the fact that it drove over 200,000 miles!

I have two family members who drove Hyundais and they said never again. They were constantly in the shop and they said the service departments were a nightmare to deal with. I have never heard a good thing about them other than cost.

My Dad has driven VWs his entire life and loves them. You can't go wrong with the Jetta or the Civic! Good luck with your decision and GET THOSE BATHROOM PICS UP!! We want to SEE!!

Erica said...

Our parking lot at work is full of new Hyundai Sonatas. I'm thinking there are 10 and all purchased within the last 4 months. I've heard nothing but great things about the new Hyundai's.

My sister had a VW Jetta and LOVED it! She just recently traded for a Kia Sorento (getting ready to start a family!!)

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

Kimberly Payne said...

We have the 2011 Hyundai Sonata and it is amazing!! It drives great it looks great and it has so much room. We can fit two people and a car seat in the back.

I know that Hyundai's have a bad rap in the past but they have made some great changes to them for this model year and they are winning lots of awards for their performance. I can't talk more highly about the service we have received as well.

I vote for the Hyundai, you definitely won't regret it.

kacy said...

which ever car will leave you enough money to buy your sister a black bmw 328i. gracias!

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Awww what a cute photo!

We have the 2010 Jetta TDI Wagon and we love it. Diesel gets great mileage. I would imagine the Jetta Sedan would be even better

molly said...

Awww, I just love baby in the bath tub! Especially sibs :)

About the car - I have always wanted a VW but since you commute I would stick to a Honda or Toyota. Great gas mileage and dependable.

Fun, eh? Too bad us moms can't think about buying a convertible anymore.

You sure you shouldn't buy a minivan? Ahem.

Audrey said...

My FIL has been in the Auto sales industry for over 25 years. For people that commute in our area, Toyota's and Honda's are the leaders. They're all pretty though!

Megan said...

We have the new Kia Optima, which is a full sized care and LOVE it. It gets 35mpg even in city, and when driving longer distances I've gotten 37mpg. They also have the Kia Forte which is a economy sized Optima pretty much. And I do believe it gets even better gas mileage. HTH! Good luck in your car search!

Summer said...

I drive a 2007 four door black honda civic ex! Get a ex they have a sunroof and still sporty if ya like that kinda thing!! =))

Shaun said...

As someone who's worked in both a Honda and Hyundai dealership, and close friends with the owner of a now-closed VW dealership, Hondas are the way to go :)
Hyundais do have a great warranty, but that's really all they have going for them. Once VW's are out of warranty, they're expensive to maintain. Bring in Honda :)

PS. Feel like making a trip to NH? I bet I could get you a killer deal on one :)

Jamie said...

I thought I was already follow you but I guess I wasn't. Am now! I love your blog hop. :o)

My husband's honda is as old as me and although it has some problems, it still runs.


cute picture

Ashleigh said...

Just bought a 2011 TDI diesel Jetta in December and I love it. I get at least 42mpg (and that's all city driving! hwy mileage is unreal)

I was going to do a lease but with the miles I drive buying was the better option, but it is offered in a lease.

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