25 June 2011

Steppin' Out! {Oh, & a new car.}

I'm sure Mandy intended these Steppin' Out posts to be used as an outlet for all these pretty little bloggers to show off their adorable style.

And then there's me...in my t-shirt and soccer shorts.
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Don't be jealous.

So, where did I step out to on this lovely Saturday? Well, to the car dealership, of course. All day {and I mean all day} was spent car shopping and then finally purchasing this beauty...
Adorable, right? It's a 2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS. We got a killer deal on it, which makes me so excited. {It was almost worth the 6 hours I spent at the dealership today.} We traded in my 2008 Nissan and ended up saving $80 per month! {A car 4 years newer while saving money? Yes, please.} And this little beauty is the perfect commuter car, getting 40mpg.

Yay for new cars! {Again. Hopefully we're good for the next few years.}

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! =)

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Steph said...

Love the car!

Shan said...

We have the 2008 Elantra!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! and amazing on gas!

the mom diggity said...

LOVE the new car!!! How exciting!!

Summer said...

I would totally drive that! Love it! You look so skinny! You are skinny! ha good job. love the lounge wear haha. gotta be comfortable!

Anonymous said...

I just traded in my 2008 car for a 2011 and saved money on my payments too! I'll take it :)

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