16 May 2011

Take it off Monday | Week 11

Medifast | Week 11
This week? Was not so good. Let me get right too it... I didn't lose any weight this week. I'm still at -20 pounds. But, I didn't gain any weight either. And that? Is a miracle.

I admitted in my last post that Mother's Day was not a good day for me. I mean, it was a great day... just not good for the diet. On Monday morning, I awoke to a -20 pound loss, maintaining the 2 pounds that I got off before Mother's Day weekend. I was so happy with that. But at Tuesday morning's weigh-in {yes, I weigh myself everyday. no, I won't stop.} I was up 2 pounds! Grrrrr. I guess the breakfast potatoes I had on Mother's Day morning caught up to me {damn you, Mike and you're amazing potatoes.} I spent the entire rest of the week staying on plan and bouncing back and forth between -18 and -20 pounds.

Let me tell ya, it was fun.

So, although I didn't lose anything this week. I'm happily at -20 pounds this morning. I was hoping that I lost at least a pound after staying on plan, however that's not the way it worked out this week. And I'm okay with that.

Those last 10lbs? They'll come off. I guarantee it.
Week 11 Summary
Weight loss this week: -0 lbs

Weight loss to date:
-20 lbs

Weight left to lose: 10 lbs

First Goal: 10 pounds {Reached: 3/23/11}

  • Reward: Pedicure {Check!}

Second Goal: 20 pounds {Reached: 5/5/11}

Final Goal: 30 pounds

  • Reward: I'm thinking a new Coach purse! ;)

Success: Although I've been bouncing around all week, I think I was successful at staying positive and getting those 2 pounds off to bring myself back to the -20lb mark.

Set-Backs: This past weekend we had several parties to attend. I stayed on plan the best that I could {I mean, look what happened last weekend!} but I did have a taste of my mother-in-law's baked ziti at Bob's sister's college graduation party on Saturday. And it was delicious with my giant salad. I tried to stay away, I really did.

Exercise: Jillian hates me. I didn't visit her all week this week. Brynn is cutting a molar, so she's been waking up kinda early leaving me too tired to get up and exercise in the morning. I'm hoping to get back to it after Brynn's party this weekend. In the meantime, I'll continue to walk a lot!


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How did everyone else do this week? Did you have any successes or set-backs that you'd like to share? With all these summer parties coming up, what helps you stick to your diet plan? {Parties have always been my down fall.}

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Steph said...

You are doing a great job! 20 lbs is still 20 lbs! Keep it up!

OrangeHeroMama said...

I'm a new follower to your beautiful blog!
Congrats on your 20 lb weight loss! that's awesome!


sara said...

Not gaining after Mother's Day? Now that's impressive!!

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