09 May 2011

Take it off Monday | Week 10

Medifast | Week 10

Because I've already shouted from the roof tops with this post that I've reached my second goal and lost twenty pounds, I'll just skip right to the summary for week 10.

But to recap...
Pic:Size 8 jeans.
20 pounds gone forever.
Week 10 Summary
Weight loss this week: -2 lbs

Weight loss to date:
-20 lbs

Weight left to lose: 10 lbs {I literally can not believe I just typed that.}

First Goal: 10 pounds {Reached: 3/23/11}

  • Reward: Pedicure {Check!}

Second Goal: 20 pounds {Reached: 5/5/11}

Final Goal: 30 pounds

  • Reward: I'm thinking a new Coach purse! ;)

Success: LOSING 20 POUNDS!!!!

Set-Backs: Mother's Day. And all the yumminess that goes along with it. {Damn you mimosa's!} I was this close to reaching the -21lb mark, but I didn't. Because I ate too much yesterday. And it was totally worth it.

Exercise: I need to get back in a regular routine now that I'm starting to finally feel better!


My blogger friends are doing awesome, so don't forget to visit their blogs and cheer them on:

Kelly from The Turnip Farmer
Stephanie from Goober Grape & Monkey Man
Tiffany from MomNom.Com


Thank you for all of your kind words on Friday. They meant the world to me and I truly appreciate your support!

I promise to only annoy you until May 16th with this...

This one? Well I'll annoy you just a bit longer than that...
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Unknown said...

you look so great jenni! drink that water, you will get those 10lbs in no time!

Summer said...

WOW! You look great! Congrats! I am seriously currently in that same size and have been struggling losing all this weight since Jan3rd. haha.

Kimberly said...

You look great! Congrats on the success!

Tammy said...

Your 20lb success has renergized me and I actually went on a 2.5 walk/run with my kids this morning. Hoping the hubby will want to exercise a bit tonight when he gets home. Keep up the awesome work!

molly said...

So proud of you, girl. You look amazing although you know I thought you were beautiful before too :)

p.s. you seriously look more like your little sister!

Jasmine said...

God bless you, Jenni! You look beautiful - although I know that during our "fall board wedding planning" days, I always thought, "Jenni is such a cute gal!" So not much has changed. :-)

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful.

kacy said...

you're such a hottie.

Tara said...

congratulations! u look great! :)

Kimberly said...

Looking fab, mama! Congratulations!!!

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