07 April 2011


Hi guys!
I'm popping on quickly in between conference sessions to tell you some exciting news: I was featured on Danielle's amazing blog, Sometimes Sweet!

The feature is called "Mama Said" and it's simply 3 pieces of advice from current mothers. I know, I know... who am I to give mothering advice? ;) I just tried to be honest, but still light-hearted, short, sweet, and to the point!

You can check out my feature here!
{let me know what you think!}

And to all those who are visiting from Sometimes Sweet... hi =) I sure do hope you'll stay awhile.

PS- Virginia is lovely {sunny and 80 today!} and we just took a break and went for a short stroll through UVA's campus here in Charlottesville. One word- gorgeous. But I miss my babies and I can't wait to squeeze them when we return to Philly tomorrow night.

PSS- {is that right?} Y3W may be delayed a bit, but I'll try to get it up ASAP. I'm presenting here at the conference tomorrow morning {yeah, I'm kind of a big deal. Fine, not really, but let me think that, okay?} so I'm just a tiny bit busy.


You guys? Rock.
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Anonymous said...

Love your feature! Advice #3 made me LOL. :)

And it's PPS. PS stands for post script, so PPS is post post script. And there's your random fact for the day.

jenni said...

Oh, that makes sense mama! ;)

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