28 March 2011

Take it off Monday | Week 4

Medifast | Week 4
I know I should be happy about losing 2 more pounds this week, but for some reason I'm feeling down. Maybe it's because I'm seeing all these people with huge losses, and here I sit at -2lbs. But really? I should be happy. I know I don't lose weight fast. I know I don't. Hell, this is the fastest I've ever lost. 11 pounds in 4 weeks? That's something to be proud of; not a reason to feel defeated.

So, I'm going to be happy. Happy for myself for sticking with this for so "long." Happy for making smart choices. Happy for not ordering my favorite pasta dish at Carrabba's on Saturday night when it's all I wanted to eat. Happy that I didn't dive head first into the TastyCake box last night.

Happy. Because I should be. Because I reached my first goal. And because I lost 11 pounds, damn it!

Week 4 Summary
Weight loss this week: 2 lbs

Weight loss to date: 11 lbs

Weight left to lose: 19 lbs

First Goal: 10 pounds {Reached: 3/23/11}

  • Reward: Pedicure {Scheduled!!}

Second Goal: 20 pounds

Final Goal: 30 pounds

  • Reward: Seriously...any ideas?

Success: Staying away from pasta and TastyCakes

Set-Backs: Movie popcorn. That stuff gets me every time. I only had a few handfuls and then broke out my Medifast Chili Nacho Cheese Puffs. They worked great!

Exercise: Walking! Lots of walking. But it needs to get warmer out pronto. {Dear New Jersey, It's SPRING... didn't you get the memo!?! Let's start breaking the 50 degree mark, shall we? Thanks. Love, Me}


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Steph said...

You still rocked it this week with losing 2 pounds, though!! :) And just think of all of the walking we're going to do this upcoming weekend... ;)

Tiffany said...

11 pounds is amazing! Do NOT allow yourself to feel let down...you are doing it. And, you're doing i at a much faster rate than if you were just counting calories.

Stick to it - the weight WILL come off!

Allie's Mama said...

Chin up Jenni!! You're doing an AMAZING job. 11 lbs in 4 wks?!! I'm jealous! I haven't lost a pound yet and I've been going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Eating wise though..thats a different story. My weekdays are great but my weekends are destructive!

cmacri722 said...

11 lbs is awesome! Before I got pregnant this time (but after my first son), I could never lose weight. Your posts give me hope for the next time.
For your 30 lb loss, why not try a full spa day? Massage, mani, pedi, etc. I love those days!

Becky said...

11 pounds in 4 weeks is AMAZING!!!! You should feel SUPER great about what you have accomplished in such a short time. It is normal to have a lower # when you have had high #'s. Don't be hard on yourself.

You are only 9 pounds away from getting those Joe Jeans!!!!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

You are only 9 pounds away from those jeans!!! I think you are doing great! Thank you for your Dear NJ letter- because we apparently haven't gotten the memo :(

Steph said...

You are doing amazing! It's 11 lbs! 11 lbs off your body {and never coming back...until you have another baby!}.

Sara Z. said...

Congrats on the 2 lbs!! Remember that healthy, EFFECTIVE weight loss is 0.5-2lbs per week (per WW). So you are right on track for keeping it off! And just think - that's 8 sticks of butter gone from your body! :) Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

You are still doing awesome. Keep up the good work. We're all behind you! Don't give up, you're an inspiration.

MommyWriter said...


Shan said...

2lbs is AWESOME! I'm SO proud of you!
final reward should be something amazing...Coach bag...seeriously hot peep toe booties...VACATION!

Audrey said...

11 lbs.!!! That is AWESOME! I say a Coach purse AND a spa day because 30 lbs. kind of a big deal!

Katie said...

Im on the same road as you, im halfway to my goal, and when i hit it-I'm getting a microdermabrasion facial and massage. My body is gonna look great and so will my skin!!!

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