10 March 2011

9 Month Stats

Oh. My. Word. Brynnie Girl? I could eat you up, mama. And I do. {nom nom nom}

I took Brynn to her 9 month well visit yesterday. She did so well, as always. She's meeting all her milestones {except pulling up to stand, she only pulls herself up to her knees, cause that's what monster babies do ;} but she's ahead of her milestones in talking and eye/hand coordination {+ a few others that I forget b/c I was catching toys the whole appointment.}

Brynnie is also very healthy, everything looks and sounds good... best news to a mom ever, right? She'll be starting on stage 3 foods and some table foods {which we give every once in a while anyway... she definitely wants it!} She also got her last Hep B shot and did it like a champ... my "little" tough cookie. =)

Now for her stats...
Weight: 25 pounds {100%}
Height: 29 inches {90%}
Head: 46 cm {100%}

You want to see something funny? Check out Carter's 9 month stats. =)
Weight: 25 pounds {"over 99%"}... isn't that 100%?
Height: 29 inches {90%}
Head: 47 cm {100%}

They're almost identical!! I thought Brynn had a bigger head than Carter, but apparently not. Super close though ;)

Love me some chunky babies!!!

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Toni said...

That picture is too cute for words. I love the big babies! Mine was born big but leveled off. He still has his leg rolls, though. I'll take it :)

sara said...

Chunky babies are the best! Glad Brynnie is so good!

heather@actingbalanced.com said...

Erik is chasing your kids down.. his 4 month monster baby stats are: 19.7 lbs, 27 inches and mommy can't remember head circ.

jenni from the blog said...

@ Heather- Both kids were the same exact way! They tend to level off once they hit the 7mth mark though... Brynn weighed 25lbs at 6.5mths and is holding steady! =)

Unknown said...

ugh, chunk babies are THE best.. no one wants to squeeze on a skinny babe! those are some big, healthy, beautiful babies you have :)

molly said...

Awww, what a big girl! She's so cute :)

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