10 January 2011

January Tenth

I check my email.

I look mindlessly online.

Then I check my email again.

Never realizing the date, until just now at nearly 11:30am on this Monday morning.

It's January 10th.

A day that will be forever ingrained in my soul, such as the days that result in tragic events.

You remember where you were when it happened.

This day changed my life. It changed the lives of my family. It changed me as a person.

You can read the story here.

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Just Add Walter said...

what a powerful story -- thanks for sharing with all of us

Meredith said...

What an amazing story.

January 10th is cemented in my brain too, but for a different reason--it's the day Lizzy was born :)

Beauty Boss Agnes said...

I am crying..see my tears? You have an amazing family and he is a strong man....I believe when its your time, its your time....it wasnt his time...you all kept him strong to be in your futures. God bless.

sara said...

I've read the story before, but read it again tonight. It's such a great testiment family and to miracles.

I'm so glad your story had the best outcome possible.

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