10 January 2011

I've got goals.

As I sit here blogging amidst the snow that just occurred, and the snow storm that's yet to come {did we up and move to Canada?} I wanted to discuss a few goals that I set for myself this past weekend.

Goal #1: Don't leave the house.

Mission. Accomplished. {I'm such a goal-oriented person, aren't I??}

I just hate, hate, HATE the snow. It's so.... cold. And it's such a mess to drive in. Ugh. Did I mention I hate snow? So the very last thing I wanted to do when I heard it was suppose to snow all day Saturday, was to leave the house. Sooooo we did nothing. And I loved every minute of it. We watched a few movies {The Town & Despicable Me- both GREAT}, played with the kiddos, put on the fireplace, and just... relaxed. It was wonderful.

Goal #2: Stick to the diet.

Yeah- I failed miserably. But in my defense, in order to accomplish goal #1, I had to eat what we already had in the house. {What? This logic makes me feel better about myself.}

Goal #3: Clean

Now this... this I did do. Our house was a total mess. Our Christmas tree was still up {and still lookin' good, mind you} There were decorations everywhere. And our kitchen? Let's not even discuss the kitchen. Did I mention the Christmas stuff? That's slightly embarrassing since I like to pack away the Christmas stuff almost as fast as I put it up. My plan was to do it last weekend, but I got hit with that nasty stomach bug on Sunday so it just. didn't. happen.

So, after a lazy day on Saturday, we knew we had to get it together yesterday. We took our tree out to the curb {so sad!} and I put away all of the decorations. We also cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, rearranged our living room furniture, and vacuumed again. We got the kitchen sparkling and all the kids laundry caught up and put away {which is the WORST part for me... I hate hanging all their little shirts!}

Yeah, so that pretty much sums up our weekend. Bob did leave the house yesterday to pick up some apps for our 2-man + 2-kiddo Eagles party. {Hey, I didn't leave the house, so I still accomplished goal #1!} It was fun, but would have been slightly better had they actually won.

Meh, whatever... GO PHILLIES! ;)

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danielle said...

Jenni D,
April can't come fast enough... Go Phillies! ;)

jenni from the blog said...

I knew you'd have my back Rambo! ;)

danielle said...

Always :)

sara said...

Those are excellent goals! My favorite days are ones where we all stay in our pjs all day. Love a snuggly day!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Sara- That's exactly what we did! That's my plan for tomorrow's snow storm too... no work for me if it snows as much as they say it will (8-10in).

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