31 January 2011

I poopin'

Oh, my dear Carter. Please forgive me.

When Carter poops, something comes over him. I can't quite put my finger on it but it's somewhere between a poltergeist and a grown angry man, possessed.

Now we all know when Carter does his business, because he usually grabs on to a chair somewhere, straightens his legs and grunts. I always check on him to make sure he's okay. My sweet boy use to simply shake his head yes and go about his business.

Not any more. No, now something {or someone} has taken over.

Our convo might go something like this... {and please, picture Carter's voice, not as a sweet 2 year old, but a scary monster}

Jenni: Carter, where are you? :::looks around until I see him holding on to a table or an empty chair:::
Carter: I POOPIN!
Jenni: Okay buddy, everything fine?
Carter: OVER THERE! :::points to the door:::
Jenni: Whoa, okay honey. You want me to leave?
Carter: GET! OUT!

And I have about 15 seconds of video to prove it {taken by my sister Kacy from her iPhone on New Year's Eve}

Did you hear it? If you restart and listen to the first few seconds you can hear him say "I POOPIN!!" then at the end he yells "OVER THERE!"

Oh Carter Man... we love you so much!

And a quick pic from yesterday {where he happened to clear his entire bookshelf so that he would have a clear space to hold on too}What can I say? My man wants his privacy.

I must also quickly add that we don't laugh at him when he's pooping, but it came up in conversation about how he acts when he does it, and then he actually did it at our NYE party so that's why we were laughing in the video. I promise you that I am super supportive of my little man's pooping habits.

But I can't promise you that we don't quote him in real life situations on a daily basis.

Next topic: Potty Training 101 ;)

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Steph said...

Yeah, get that boy on the potty!

kacy said...

iiii pppoooopppiinnn. you...over there. aaarrrgghhh.

gotta love carterman!

Megan said...

I am SO going to be that mom, just like you, who posts about my boys poop. 'Atta girl! :)

Babysmartees said...

He is SO ready! And wait until he is in the bathroom and tells you to get out! "I need privacy." That is what I am told!

Found you on Twitter and will be following (I am www.twitter.com/babysmartees). Sorry, I cannot get on Facebook; my page was disabled after it was hacked into. Still waiting/hoping/praying for my pages to come back!

You should check out my blog; it is dedicated to infant stimulation, www.babysmartees.blogspot.com Perhaps you will like it enough to follow!

Your newest blog and twitter follower, Paula from Babysmartees

Unknown said...

Omg that is absolutely hilarious! He's so cute! I love the possessed voice hahaha.

Bobbie said...

That is probably as close as he's going to come to actually asking to be potty trained! How gross it must feel to just stand there and fill the diaper - get him on the toilet!

And this is definitely one of the posts he is not going to appreciate in the future!

Andrea said...

This has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

sara said...

Too funny! Pie does the same thing...she gets really still and makes the grunty noises. I always ask if she's poopin' and she always freezes like, nope, no poopin over her, go about your business. Cracks me up.

Larissa: said...

Bwhaahahahahaha! That is hilarious :-)

molly said...

Landon always says, "Shut door, Mommy!" Yep, my man likes his privacy too :)

Momma Brown said...

this is so funny. you need more video of it :P

izzy is all proud of her poops. she will say (obviously imitating me) 'LOOK AT THAT BEAST!'.


Tiffany said...

I'm so sorry for laughing, Jenni, but that is just toooooo funny!!!! I think he's ready for the "Big Boy Potty" now. LOL!!!!

Shan said...

lol how can you NOT laugh at that! that's hilarious!

~e said...

That is awesome. And that is my entire comment :)

Anonymous said...

Um, not cute at all. Why aren't you toilet training him? He obviously knows when he has to poop and wants privacy. What are you waiting for, him to write you an email saying, I'm ready for the potty? Not cute at all. Jeez.

jenni from the blog said...

@ Anonymous- Thank you for your comment. As his mother, I know when he's ready to be potty trained.

Not that I owe you an explanation of any kind, but we wanted to wait until he was 2.5y to start potty training for several reasons (but mostly because of the huge change that has occurred in his life... um, like a new sister.) Because he just hit the 2.5y mark this month, we plan to start soon.

But thanks. I'm sure you know that he's ready better than I do.

le sigh.

jenni from the blog said...

PS- He sent me an email this morning... now I know he's officially ready.

Shannon said...

First, I just found your blog and was like oh great, a poop story. But for real, it had me cracking up! I watched the video wth no sound bc of a sleeping baby on my lap so I just had to imagine him saying it. Love it. And clearing the shelf? Hilarious.

Then your response to Anony up there cemented my fandom. He sent the email! hahaha

Sarah said...

OMG jenni HILARIOUS. My Carter does the exact same thing. He yells "I still poopin" and refuses to let us near him lol I think they might need to be potty trained soon

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