08 December 2010

O' Christmas Tree

On Saturday, Bob, Carter and I headed over to Linvilla Orchards to cut down our Christmas tree. We decided not to take Brynnie Girl with us this year because she has a bad cold and I didn't want her to be out in the frigid temperatures. So she stayed in her PJ's and snuggled with GG while the rest of us froze our butts off for the cause.

Though cold, it was a beautiful day on Saturday... perfect for the occasion.
We headed out via hayride to the Christmas tree orchard...
Carter LOVED the hay. We were hiding each others legs and feet with it.

We were then dropped off in the middle of nowhere, saw in hand, to search for the perfect tree. And it took about 3 minutes for us to find it...
I was encouraged to keep looking because we had just started our search, but this tree was perfect. I didn't need to look at more... I just knew this was the one. =)

So we snapped one family picture... {minus Brynn :( }...before Bob and Carter surveyed the situation...
...and started chopping it down.
As soon as Bob started, he saw this wedged into the tree...

Yep, an arrow. Like a real one. For deer hunting. Soooooo dangerous. {No worries, we turned it in!}

When we finished cutting down our tree, Carter then went on a hunt to help Aunt Kacy...And he found the perfect one...
I'm serious. He LOVED it.But Aunt Kacy wanted to keep looking and happened to find a beautiful tree that was a little more... full.

We then waited for the hayride back to the Christmas Shoppe...

Carter and daddy
Carter and mommy {he was getting so sleepy... finding a tree is hard work!}
When we got home, we hopped into our pj's and started trimming the tree. I took a video of the occasion, but it wasn't nearly as dramatic as last year. We learned our lesson. :)

Carter was a very good helper!
Time for the star {Carter insisted on sweeping. I swear there is no child labor going on in our house.}Because it was getting late, we just put the star and lights on the tree the first night home. There's nothing better then sitting in a dark room with just your Christmas lights on =) {And apparently some Hershey Kisses, says Carter.}
Brynn was sleeping. Poor baby and her bad cold :(

Because it was such a busy weekend, the tree sat without a decoration on it until last night, when I was determined to finish it. So pretty. Just waiting to add a few ornaments for Brynn's first Christmas! But her stocking came in...
Yep, even Kai has a matching stocking! =)

And here are a few pictures of all the beautiful lights...
Sigh. I love it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering...Crazy, right?

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kacy said...

we totally should have gotten that tree for carter and decorated it.

ps- how did he get so handsome?

Jeannie said...

It looks like you had a great day! I totally agree with Kacy, you should have gotten that tree just for Carter...it was the cutest little..bald tree ever :-)

Your house looks amazing all decked out. It's very beautiful!

molly said...

It's so beautiful, Jenni. Now that you mention it, I think one of my favorite memories from Christmas was sitting in the living room at night with the Christmas tree all lit up. So magical.

We MUST go cut down our own tree next year. We use a pre-lit faux tree (gasp!). We've never done that and it seems like a fun adventure!

Unknown said...

The tree looks beautiful and I AM SO JEALOUS! It's been YEARS since we actually cut down our own Christmas tree. :)

Unknown said...

love the tree & decorations! It looks great! I was just wondering where you got the santa countdown wall hanging? I've been searching for one for ages!??? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

The perfect tree. Gorgeous! I love that you guys get a real tree each year. We should. But ugh, the clean up!

Momma Brown said...

everything looks lovely, just as i thought it would. you can come do my house next year :)

did you know there is a decoration blog hop?


jenni from the blog said...

@ Kacy- I know, I totally should have! Do you think they would have charged $59.99 for that tree too??

@ Erin- I got it at Target and LOVE it. It's from a few years ago though, but I'm sure they have something lovely :)

@ Kel- Thanks mama... I just entered!

mel said...

love love love the pic with the candle!!!!!

Becki said...

Tree looks great, and I really loved your artsy photos especially the candle one.

Anonymous said...

The tree you selected is wonderful. What a beauty! I did like your son's choice too. It reminds me of Charlie Brown's tree.

Please stop by and check out my toddler decorated tree.

Kathleen said...

Looks wonderful! We also get a real tree every year, but we didn't cut it down this year. It wouldnt be Christmas without the smell of a fresh Christmas tree!!

Do you mind telling me where you got your stockings? I have been searching for ones just like that forEVER and can't find them anywhere!!

Anonymous said...

aw, your tree is beautiful! Good choice. And I love the garland on your staircase.

I'm talking Christmas on my blog this week too. If you like, come check out The Top Ten Things I Love About Christmas

Found you on the Xmas blog hop and glad I did. Happy Holidays! :-)

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