05 November 2010

Your Three Words

As opposed to my completely free weekend about a month ago, this one is filled to the brim with fun stuff!

Last night I was lucky enough to score box seats to the Flyers/Rangers game. Flyers won 4-1! It's always nice to see a Philly team beat a NYC team ;) What was even better than the game was this...
Unlimited Chickie's & Pete's Crab Fries. Yum.

Tonight, I'm headed to the Melting Pot with good friends of mine. Girls Night Out! I can't wait to catch up with Deanna {who just had twin boys and now has 3 -boys- under 3!!} and Christine {who recently found out she's pregnant with a baby GIRL!} So exciting.

Tomorrow, of course, is our family photo session with Steph. Not only is it my family that is having our photo's taken, but my sister, Kristi's, family will be there as well! What are the chances of getting 4 kids {all under the age of 4!} in a picture together? A picture that they are all actually looking at the camera at the same time? We shall see!

On Sunday, Bob and I are headed to the EAGLES game!!!! I feel so lucky to be going to both the Flyers and the Eagles all within 4 days of each other. We're headed to "The Linc" for the 4pm game on Sunday against the Colts. I'm sure there will be some tailgating, and possibly even a trip to Chickie's & Pete's next door to the stadium for an early dinner... Yes, I love their food that much. =)

Yeah, so that's my crazy busy weekend! What does everyone else have planned??

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And stay tuned for the card design giveaway next week!

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Unknown said...

Melting Pot = heaven!! I love melting pot! Enjoy it for me! :O)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a busy but good weekend.
And I looove the Melting Pot... so I'm jealous!

molly said...

That does sound like a very busy but FUN weekend. The melting pot is yummers :)

Have fun!

Becki said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend with lots of sports and good food! Have fun!

Unknown said...

Sounds like it's going to be one BUSY & FUN-FILLED weekend.

Jess said...

Hockey, football, girls night and food...sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

Oh, and I think you definitely should go with Emery next time, we will have the 2 cutest ones!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Oh man I love me some Chickie's and Pete's crab fries with cheese, they are one of the best parts of hockey games (never been to a Flyers game, but we used to go to the Phantoms games).

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