29 October 2010

Your Three Words

Well, I have 2 this week...
Despite their loss in the playoffs, the Phillies still had a great season this year. They had the best record in all of MLB, Halladay had a perfect game and a no hitter {in his first post-season game at that} and he will likely win the Cy Young Award. They made it through the season with nearly every player on their starting line-up getting hurt at one point or another...

The Phillies {and the Phillies fans} have nothing to hang their head about. Yes, it would have been nice to win the NL Pennant for the 3rd year in a row and go to the World Series, but oh well. The season really only ends well for 1 team a year, right? At least we made it to the top 4! :) Way to go Phils!

Yep... that's my Carter Man, who got stuck in his toy box earlier this week. Instead of helping him out of there, I ran and got my camera. That doesn't make me a bad mom, right?

Carter is saying so many funny things lately, so I wanted to make sure I blogged about them before I forget!

Lately, he's been big on the word "okay"... but the way he says it is just too funny. For example, a convo with him might go something like this:

Carter: "Bubba, Bubba" {Bubba is me, by the way}
Jenni: Yeah, bud?
Carter: "I want a cookie"
Jenni: You want a cookie?
Carter: "Okay"

He acts like it wasn't his idea in the first place.

When ever we go over railroad tracks, he likes to say "ut oh" but he makes sure to tell everyone in the car about it. "bubba, bubba, ut-oh" ... "daddy, daddy, ut-oh" ... "baby, baby, ut-oh" "Carter, Carter, ut-oh" ... yes, he even tells himself about it. Now, Bob and I find ourselves saying "ut-oh" even when Carter's not in the car.

And let's not forget about the fact that he is obsessed with tractor trailers. Whenever we drive on 295 {which is everyday to go to and from to my parents house} he yells "a cool truck!" every 3 seconds {give or take a second.} It goes something like this:

"A cool truck!"
"A cool truck!"
"Another cool truck!"
"LOTS of cool trucks!!"

And if it's not "a cool truck!" then it's a "SCHOOOOL BUSSSSS" =)

He likes to call Brynn "baby" "baby girl" or "Brynnie girl" and it's so cute. He just gets so happy when he wakes up in the morning and all he wants to do is kiss his baby. Oh, and he always rubs my arm and asks "are you okay?"... I guess I do that to him a little too often, huh? =)

There are so many more things that he is doing/saying that just crack us up everyday. He loves to make funny faces at the dinner table so he and I will sit there for like 20 minutes just making faces at each other and laughing. And the way he cuddles with me at night.... sigh. I could stay like that forever {except he's a crazy sleeper and ends up either punching me, kicking me in the face, or giving me a lovely head butt, so to his crib he will go...}

Carter Man... we just love you so much!

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Have a great weekend and have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!

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Steph said...

Awww...that reminds me, I should do a post of E-isms!

Katie said...

Aww I love your Phils post! My heart still hurts everyday when I drive over Walt Whit and see the stadium, but next season will be here before we know it!! :)

And how cute is Carter!! Emma just started saying her name this wk. and it is the cutest thing ever!

Happy Friday!

Andrea said...

i LOVE the cookie convo :)

Shan said...

Dear Carter: thank you for cheering me up :)

kacy said...

carter is the man. he so loves his aunt taaacy more then you ;)

molly said...

The one of Carter in the toy box is hilarious. Reading your blog is like deja vu! Driving in the car? Yeah, you're definitely not alone with the constant commentary!

Steph said...

LOL I love how he climbed in and then couldn't get out!!! :)

Becki said...

Oh man, my little guy does that "okay" thing too. So cute!

Mary said...

Yay Phils! Can't wait til April :)

I LOVE the "okay" - Michael does that too. Cracks me up!

Jess said...

Carter's isms made me smile tonight! Thanks buddy!

The Power Family said...

My oldest (who is about the same age as Carter) does the EXACT same things as #1 and #2 on your list! :) Except he has now moved on from "okay" and instead says "Sure!". So when we ask for confirmation of what he wants, he says "Sure!" and sometimes adds "That's a good idea!". LOVE this age (well, sometimes).

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