24 September 2010

The Poll is Closed

After going back and forth debating weather or not I should purchase the adorable Uggs for Brynn, I got a text from my good friend {and 3rd "sister"} Reenie.

"I saw your blog today. If you don't buy those Uggs, then I'm going too. It would make me happy if Aunt Reenie could buy Brynnie Girl her very first pair. And, seriously- if the question is to Ugg or not to Ugg- you always Ugg."

So that's that. Aunt Reenie is buying Brynn the shoes.

I'm so excited. Brynnie says- "Thanks for making me cool, Aunt Reenie!"

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Just Add Walter said...

yay, congrats!! I am so glad you are getting the Uggs!!

kacy said...

aunt reenie is trying to beat aunt kacy on making the kiddos look cool. i need to step up my game.

Unknown said...

Kendall got Ugg boots for Christmas last year that look SOOO cute with little skinny jeans. Watch out - girls are way too much fun to dress! :)

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