30 September 2010

Home Tour: Dining Room

Continuing on with the home tour, next up is the dining room. This is what it looked like the day we moved in...
Can you please tell me why someone would put a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall window in their home and only have the top two outer squares of said window actually open?

More on the window later.

Let's discuss this...Well, I believe it use to be an a/c box, but the sellers used it as a shelf to display nick-knack's and old dusty plants. Nice, eh?

It was closed up and spackled over the very first day we moved in.

Next up- paint over the neon yellow walls that were in every.single.room of the house. We wanted to warm the space up a bit, so we decided to paint the living room and dining room a warm taupe color called "Ivory Sampler" by Glidden. I only know the name of the paint color by heart because we've needed to buy several cans over the years after all of our renovation projects we've Bob, my dad, and my father-in-law have taken on.

Here's the room in transition...
The next thing we did was refinish the wood floors.
Pretty. I love wood floors.

And in comes the furniture... {before our kitchen renovation- notice the right wall is still there.}
...and after the new kitchen...
So, after a few years of having a very ugly window with only two outer squares of breeze coming through the house, we decided to take the entire window out and put in a sliding glass door.

This is a project we wanted to take on right away, but other projects {ahem- new kitchen, new windows, etc.} were more important, so we had to wait. Well, as "luck" would have it, we were forced to do it last summer, due to a bad storm and some flooding.

And after...
Ahhh, much better. And actually, this picture was taken not too long ago and there are already changes to it.... we finally {finally!} have beautiful wood stair railings.

More to come! Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway... it ends tomorrow morning!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love seeing how people decorate their homes.

Sarah said...

Jenni, this looks great! What a difference.

sara said...

Gorgeous...such a huge improvement!!

Audrey said...

love seeing changes and decor...it reminds me of HGTV. AND, i'm leaving a comment because your blog is cool and allows comments :) thanks for your help!

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