02 August 2010

Questions for Jenni (Part I)

Last week, I decided to do a questions post and I'm so glad I did... you guys came up with some really good questions! I guess I'll start from the top...

1. How did you become friends with that awesome chick over at A Grande Life?
Steph and I actually met on The Bump over 2 years ago, when we were pregnant with our boys. I think we took a liking to each others' smart-ass comments around the 2nd trimester and we've been IFF's* ever since. We now talk everyday on G-Chat, see each other often, and she takes all my wonderful pro-pictures now! =)

{*IFF=Internet Friends Forever... it's what Bob calls any person that I've met on the interwebz. He thinks it's funny, but I've actually met A LOT of awesome girls from my Knot/Nest/Bump days.}

2. Have you ever thought about going to BlogHer, the big blogging conference for women?
I actually never even heard of this conference until Steph brought it up to me last year. It was something that I was considering until I got pregnant with Brynn. I'm still not sure what it is... I'll have to look into it {as well as the cost!} but if we can get a group together, I think it would be so fun to go! Good question, Mol!

3. Do you have any dreams to become a full-time blogger and quit your day job?
The short answer: No.
The long answer: Not really.
The honest answer: I don't think I'm that good. I do this more for myself, than anything. I use blogging as a way to keep a record of things that are going on in my life and keep family and friends informed. If I entertain a few people a long the way, then that's great. But I really don't see myself being a full time blogger in the future.

4. Do you want more babies?
Absolutely. Bob and I have always wanted 3 babies. Maybe it's because we are both one of 3 kids, or maybe it's because I could never imagine myself stopping at 2... but we 100% want at least one more baby. We also plan to keep the sex of baby #3 a surprise. I hope I can do it!! =)

5. If so, what would you name your next child?
That's a good question. I have no idea! I really like the name Dillon for a girl and I absolutely {without a doubt} LOVE the name Reid for a boy. Bob likes Dillon, but hates Reid. I'll really have to do my research for names next time b/c (1) we've already used our favorite boy & girl names and (2) we're not finding out what we're having so we'll have to come up with a name for each!

6. What do you do for a living?
I'm an Academic Advisor for a large University in Philly. I've been doing this job for 6 years and I love it. It was actually a very weird path that led me here... I graduated with a BA in Psychology and my first job out of college was at a psychiatric hospital. It was interesting but VERY scary. Bob hated me working there and actually encouraged me to find something new. I then became a Social Worker for the ARC... a very rewarding job, but it being a non-profit company, the pay was awful.

I then decided to go to grad school {while working FT for the ARC} and get my MS degree in Education. During my very first class, I mentioned where I had went to school {a small college in Richmond, VA} and a girl in my class {Erin} asked me if I knew her roommate, Angela. Ang and I played soccer together and she was my little sister in my sorority. It's so funny how 2 people come together. We ended up talking everyday and Erin told me about a job opening for an Academic Advisor position in her office. One thing led to another and I ended up getting the job {which also allowed me to go to grad school completely free of charge! Well, besides the taxes you have to pay on the tuition costs, but they're much cheaper than paying for school!}

So yeah, that got long. But I advise freshmen and sophomore Engineering students and I absolutely love it.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hmm, good question. Five years from now, I'd love to have a new house with my husband {still Bob, of course} and 3 beautiful kiddos! I'd likely still be working in my same {or a similar} job at the university. Bob also works here, so I told him at least one of us is here for life so that our kids can go to school for free! {What? College is expensive.}

8. What's your favorite color?
Blue. It's always been blue. And while we're at it, my favorite number is 9.

9. How did you first know you were pregnant...test, feeling, sypmtoms...for each of your gorgeous lovies?
With Carter, I had NO CLUE. I didn't have a single symptom. Bob and I had been trying for 2-3 months at that point. I had decided to take an ovulation predictor test to see if that helped, but it ended up being negative the entire month. I thought there was no chance of me being pregnant, but I decided to take a pregnancy test 3 days before my period. I was completely SHOCKED when it was positive. I remember looking at it with a blank stare and then I had to sit down on the side of the tub. I then ran up to tell Bob {it was bright and early on Sunday morning, November 18, 2007} I told both of my sisters right away {within minutes} and shared the wonderful news with our families 3 days later on Thanksgiving. =)

With Brynn, my belly knew before I did. It started growing at a rapid pace and I knew the day before I tested that I was pregnant. We were away at a wedding that weekend, so when we left bright and early on Sunday morning, I ran to the store and bought a test. Positive. A beautiful positive. It was Sunday, September 20, 2009. We then shared the news with our families the following Sunday.

You can read the whole story {with videos} here.

10. Let's combine all of Kacy's questions, shall we...
-Who is your favorite sister? Not Kacy
-Who is the funniest person in your family? Not Kacy
-Who is the best looking person in your family? Me, of course.
-Who is the coolest person in your family? Definitely not Kacy.

And, on that note, we'll save the rest for next time. If you have more questions for me, feel free to ask {either in the comments section of this post or here.}

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Steph said...

IFFs Baby!

kacy said...

you are so jealous of me.

real answers:

love always,

Becky said...

I like the question post. It was fun getting to know you more!

Anonymous said...

I really need to do this questions thing on my blog!

And yep, look into blogher. I'm totally jealous that I'm not going this year. We must go next year! They will announce where the 2011 conference is during the conference this weekend!

p.s. I am SO glad I have IFF's, including you :)

MrsKBJ said...

What a fun post! It was nice to get to know you better! Madisons bday cards came on Saturday they are so pretty in person! Thank you so much again!

I have a question to add to your list.... How did you stay in awesome shape during pregnancy? I gained 50lbs with Madison and do not want that to happen again! I was on bed rest at the last 2 months, and so I could excersize as much as I'd like. I ate well and still got so swollen too. I am 15 lbs from my prepreg weigh, which I have been trying really hard to lose before no 2. My husband wants another baby like yesterday! I can't gain 50 lbs again!! Thank you!

Audrey said...

So, living in KY we usually go to Florida for our beach vaca's. How much does it get on your nerves how the media portrays all of the Jersey Reality TV shows?
And, can you talk my husband into having a baby #3 one day? You couldn't have a 3rd without me since both of the kids we have are days a part from each other...ha!

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