30 July 2010

Your Three Words

The Jersey Shore.

It's not just a show on MTV.

I was lucky enough to make it down to the shore twice, recently. Last weekend, I headed down to Cape May {sans husband and kids} with my parents and sister to help celebrate a very special birthday. It was a balmy 105 on the beach that day, but we managed to stay out almost the entire time. It was beautiful.

Here's a picture of my {almost} sister, Reenie, my {real} sister, Kacy, and me:
And another pic of me, talking with my mom and her friends. The ocean was cold!
We had such a great time hanging on the beach and then heading out to dinner to celebrate!

The same week, my sister Kristi and her family had a house in Ocean City for their vacation {well, their vacation #1... they're coming with us to OBX for a week as well. Lucky them!} Carter and I headed to visit them and hang out on the beach for the day. We also managed to eat our way through the Ocean City boardwalk...
One of my new favorite pictures... Carter loves his cousin, Ben!

Pringles on the beach = heaven.
The best pizza place on the planet...

Also, I wanted to note the bathing suit that I'm wearing. If you remember my "Miracle Suit" post back in February, I actually decided to go with "Miracle Suit #4: The El Cheapo Option." However, my wonderful mother in law surprised me with a Spanx gift card at my baby sprinkle, which allowed me to also purchase my all time favorite bathing suit ever- Miracle Suit #2!!

Of course, I ordered them both right away {at full price} just before they went on sale. Totally worth it though. If anyone is thinking about ordering a bathing suit from Spanx, I highly recommend them. They're a great quality, super comfy and now 40% off. Oh, and let's not forget about the fact that they help hold in my floppy belly. They truly are miracle suits...

And, on that note, don't forget to vote for my blog today! I could use a little boost to help keep me on the first page. Thanks lovies...

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Sarah said...

Love the bathing suit! And cute pics... Carter s getting so big!

sara said...

Those pictures of Carter are so sweet! And you look like a hot mama in your miracle suit!

Molly said...

You look great! Love that suit! And sometimes I wish I lived by the beach. But movies like 2012 gave me an irrational fear of killer tsunamis. And now I'm glad I live in boring Missouri :)

My Blog aka Therapy said...


I came across your blog and really enjoyed reading it, it looks like you have a great family! What cute kiddos!

I help people put their stories and photos in books, canvas, calendars, cards, through digital storybooking. Its a website and SO fun and easy to use. I would love to help you as well. Take a look at my blog and let me know what you think. Thanks!! Leslie:)


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